GUYSSSSSSSSS!! We're not dead! xD

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Hi guuuuyssssssssssss!!!
Long long looong time no see!! How are you??
We were (and we are) very busy with our lives here in Japan but recently we decided together to try to find again time for our hobbies, our cosplays and have fun together with you like before, another time! ;)
Sooooo, we wanna make our comeback with this preview from today's shooting! We're sure you'll recognize the character in a blink of an eye! :) 
You all know that we've done this cosplays something like 5 years ago, but in honor of the upcoming FFVII remake, we made a costumes remake too!
So, forget the 1st version you've already seen, and say hi to this new Tifa and Cloud cosplayssss!
Hope you like this little preview! HQ coming soon!!
Squall and Rinoa 

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Welcome back, Squall and Rinoa ;)
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We celebrate your revival from the dead!
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Wait, YOURE IN JAPAN???????? O.o 
And congrats for coming back! :D 
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Welcome back glad to see you with new stuff coming out! Hope you do more Squall and Rinoa along with Terra and Aqua! You are the best couple I've ever seen do those cosplays!
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Welcome back!!!!
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Welcome back. It's great to know that you're still working on your hobbies while also being busy with everything else.

I cannot wait to see Squall's Cloud outfit. Also cannot wait for the FFVII remake (and Kingdom Hearts 3. And Final Fantasy XV).
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welcome back!
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pizza and beer you say? i'm so excited for FF7 remake!!!
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*cheers!!* Glad to see you returning! I hope life is treating you well.
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Hooray! It's so great to see you guys coming back!! :D
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Yay for a come's getting lonely over there T__T:

(lonely as in few materials needed)
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