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Squall & Rinoa
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Nier:Automata 2B and 9S by Eyes-0n-Me, visual art

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Hi friends!

We are Rinoa and Squall! x3

It's easy to understand that our favourite characters are Squall Leonhart and Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII!

We are cosplayers since 2003, but we're in love with Japan since we were children!

We're both graduate in Japanese Language at University, and our biggest dream is to live in Japan one day...

Squall lived there for 7 months, and Rinoa for only one month, two years ago. We've some of our best memories there!!

Just some 'lil informations about us, for more join our page and our works!!

Every costume we wearing was made by Rinoa, and every weapon and armor was made by Squall

Hoping you like our photos and outfits, we wanna thank you for visit our page!

See ya soon! **

Rinoa & Squall

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☆Pills of us☆


Age: 25

Height: 1.65 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Hair colour: Now, Red xD

Eyes colour: Green

Colour: Colours of wild berries! (Red, purple, dark pink, black xD)

Food: Everything that's edible

Music: Pop and Rock from Japan and America, expecially from 70'/80'

Could die for: Shoes and hide

Hates: To wait

Loves: Shopping


Age: He doesn't want to say it, like Gackt does. XD

Height: 1.80 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Hair colour: Dark brown

Eyes colour: Honey brown

Colour: Black, pink and purple

Food: Fish of every kind... Ah and I love shell sushi (Hokkigai *__*)

Music: JPop and JRock

Could die for: A new console or videogame

Hates: People who think they're always right

Loves: To travel

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Hi guuuuyssssssssssss!!! Long long looong time no see!! How are you?? We were (and we are) very busy with our lives here in Japan but recently we decided together to try to find again time for our hobbies, our cosplays and have fun together with you like before, another time! ;) Sooooo, we wanna make our comeback with this preview from today's shooting! We're sure you'll recognize the character in a blink of an eye! :) You all know that we've done this cosplays something like 5 years ago, but in honor of the upcoming FFVII remake, we made a costumes remake too! So, forget the 1st version you've already seen, and say hi to this new Tifa
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1ST EYES-0N-ME GIVEAWAY ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE!! We decided to make a giveaway of Danganronpa just because here in Japan, but also all over the world, there's an impressive hype around this anime! So we planned this giveaway with some of the exclusive original gadgets from Japan!! The prize for the winner will be... - One mini-plush of Ishimaru - One hair-accessory of Monokuma - Three mini-figures (and also phone strap) of Naegi, Asahina and Kirigiri!! HOW TO PARTECIPATE: (The giveaway starts on our Facebook page Eyes 0n Me not here on DA!!) - Like our page - Like this photo - SHARE this link!!! (Be careful about your Facebook privac
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Hi friends!!! We're happy to announce that soon we'll start a giveaway on our Facebook Page with some new merchandise released now only here in Japan!! *___* Hoping you'll appreciate the idea, we invite you to "like" our FACEBOOK PAGE!! Here you can follow the giveaway, read the rules and see the gadgets!! *w* We'll give soon all the informations ONLY on the facebook page!!! Stay tuned!! :heart: Squall and Rinoa :damphyr:
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Happy Birthday!! :party: Hope you are well! :salute:
happy birthday. Hope you are well
Happy birthday!
Hope you have a nice day!