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Aurora at night

This is a part of a much larger piece I'm currently working on, but I was so proud with how this particular section turned out that I had to share it as its own work. I must say, I feel I'm quickly improving with my painting skills, and furthermore with capturing landscapes.


The world of Aurora is largely an arid, desolate wasteland that acts as the graveyard to the native Deltan's constant warring. Aside from the natives themselves and their propensity for violent combat, the world brings more dangers to anyone visiting this planet. The sandstorms are strong enough to rip any human apart, and the variety of fauna -- large and small -- can range from a constant annoyance to a vicious threat. Outside those dangers, the heat is sometimes unbearable, and the large stretches of rolling red mountains brings nothing to write home about. For many visitors to this planet, it's a wonder why such a hellscape would earn the name of "Aurora" - something typically thought of as beautiful and full of color. To that question, even a guest having spent only a single day on the planet can answer with a simple response: "Wait for the night". Suddenly, when that night arrives, does the name make perfect sense. The moon shines in glorious gold and yellow, against the black night and surrounded by the shimmering of many stars; the once fatal sandstorms alight against the moon-light, breathing massive, swirling plumes of red, orange, violet, and blue smoke. The mountains, before a constant red, transform under the night into an array of colors; the shadows of these towering hills and peaks become as dark as the night sky, as if the endless space was as much a natural feature to this world as everything else that calls it home. Then there are the many lights. It was largely impossible to spot any Deltan clans in their homes, secluded up and within the mountains; yet once the night comes, they dotted the landscape with their fires like the stars above, and creating more columns of colorful smoke that filled the air. Then, once the night passes and the world turns back to its pure and natural red, do the guests to this world understand why it, despite its dangers, is dubbed "Aurora".
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Very good atmosphere, and those *edges* make me happy

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Beautiful work

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That is amazing! The color is so fiery! And I love the story!

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this is pleasing for my eyes

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Love the vibes :nod:Good work!

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This is beautiful. I wish I was there.
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I'll be watching out for the full image.
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i really like this painting. The colors on the right half go well together and there is a good sense of flow(not sure if it was intentional or happy accident?) Either way, it's great and I hope you can paint more like this :)
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Amazing work! Hope to see the full picture soon! 
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This is such a lovely illustration! :D I like the warm color usage and the way the clouds were painted! :)
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I can see so much love and work put into this!! :D
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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!

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So, like, there's a cross to the right of the center of the moon, and a real unhappy/mean face to the left of the center of the moon. Did you notice??
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I could be pretentious and say that I "totally planned for you to notice that", and make some comment about how it's some metaphor for something or other; but nah, that was just a happy little accident. Good eye on ya though.
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Well, as long as you're happy with the accident, 'K! Sometimes I find faces in my fractals that requires naming them specially. The Ruin of Pride by rhunel Casino Bogle by rhunel Justified By His Blood by rhunel Cross Of Freedom by rhunel
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Oh yeah, I see what you mean. I do it automatically myself at times. Mostly with those ceiling pulp tiles in a lot of school/office buildings.
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Oh gosh, I am a regular image finder with tiles everywhere! Good I'm not alone!
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