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There's certainly an epic story going on here. the environment is quite exciting, with both the background mountains rising and falling...

This is an interesting take on Five Nights at Freddy 3, both in its choice of viewpoint, as well how it tells the story of said charact...


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Avgnar Baal slays the Sons of Ghore by EyeOfSemicolon
Mature content
Avgnar Baal slays the Sons of Ghore :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 17 9
The Cross Twins - Jason and Frederick by EyeOfSemicolon The Cross Twins - Jason and Frederick :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 8 4 You don't think I'll do it, eh?! by EyeOfSemicolon You don't think I'll do it, eh?! :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 4 4 KRONOS - Southside Stickup CHAPTER COVER by EyeOfSemicolon KRONOS - Southside Stickup CHAPTER COVER :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 5 2 Summer fun with the birthday bird by EyeOfSemicolon Summer fun with the birthday bird :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 9 2 Crackhead by EyeOfSemicolon Crackhead :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 7 0
KRONOS - 30 Suspects Murder : Jason Cross I

The trio return to the fort, late into the night but with enough time to spare to enact their first interview of one of the 30 individuals suspected in the murder of Magnus Cross. With the decision coming down between looking into the son of the victim, Jason Cross, or the wealthy corporate leader, Thomas Erickson, the Detective settled on the former as her first ever subject for interview. It was then entrusted upon the Black Road Chief Pardue to provide a room that can be both used and monitored for the duration of the meeting. Additionally, all evidence that was on Cross was to be prepared, along with any necessary information that was collected by Monroe from the city center. With everything nearing a full and proper set-up, and guards sent to collect Cross, the first look into the death of the beloved Governor was about to begin.

Detective Mariko Nobo sat at the lone table that stretched a good length across the room. The table itse
:iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 0 0
KRONOS - 30 S.M. : Jason Cross I by EyeOfSemicolon KRONOS - 30 S.M. : Jason Cross I :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 1 0 Beelzebub by EyeOfSemicolon Beelzebub :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 8 0 Melted Atomic by EyeOfSemicolon Melted Atomic :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 36 1 Chaos Shrimp - INKED by EyeOfSemicolon Chaos Shrimp - INKED :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 11 3 HiveMouth by EyeOfSemicolon HiveMouth :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 14 1 Dragon's Dogma - Ogres by EyeOfSemicolon Dragon's Dogma - Ogres :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 18 1
KRONOS - 30 Suspects Murder : Victims and Suspects

With the initial examination of Magnus’ office finished and a piece of evidence collected, the pair of Detective Mariko and Chief Pardue make their leave to rejoin with Inspector Monroe. Taking the found orb likely to be the murder weapon used against the governor, the two enter the elevator while the Detective thinks on the case with the new information brought to her.

With the click of a button and a tired sigh, Pardue starts the elevator on its descent down to the main level. He kept the red orb wrapped up tightly in cloth, leaving no inch uncovered and preventing any chance of further contamination. Several times he’d pass a glance towards the Detective, who had remained quiet and kept her arms to her side. Curious, the chief tilted slightly, moving in front of her vision to grab her attention. He leaned further before she began to notice him, quickly snapping her head towards him and muttering a soft apology. She gave a
:iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 2 2
KRONOS - 30 S.M. : Victims and Suspects by EyeOfSemicolon KRONOS - 30 S.M. : Victims and Suspects :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 5 0 The Deltan Warrior God - Avgnar Baal by EyeOfSemicolon The Deltan Warrior God - Avgnar Baal :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 13 1





Sorry for the lack of posts. Job has picked up due to heat-wave. Got over 4k words in latest chapter with a lot more, so getting to a place where I can smoothly split to 2 parts.
Cheers. Hope to do more.
Avgnar Baal slays the Sons of Ghore
I got a new computer and I had to put it through a major stress test, and so have made this. I am honestly so happy with how this turned out, and absolutely amazed that I had even created this. All I can really say is that if it weren't for a constant listening to the music of Dragonforce and Blind Guardian, I don't think I'd have developed the sheer drive to get this out. It's truly amazing, and I'm so pleased that this was made.
The Cross Twins - Jason and Frederick
An illustration I wanted to do, as a proper work surrounding two of my oldest characters that I have made aside from Brian Verrick and Karen Santiago; the Cross Twins, Jason Cross and Frederick Cross.

The Twin sons of Magnus, the rebellious Jason Cross and the law-bound Frederick Cross. Both members from their very birth would become enlisted onto their father's militia, the Crimson Crosses; a group of men and women who live off the land of Aurora, and ride throughout the wastes to enforce the law. For as long as they have lived, they have come in conflict with the many raider bands, all while armed with ancient technology viewed from the archival footage covering the 'old west' of the lost planet Earth. These reborn westerners, walking around with lever-action rifles, revolvers and knives, make it their duty to face the raider menace. When the conflict was at its highest, when the raiders began to form organized bands, the two brothers split upon Jason's departure. Left to take his father's former responsibility, Frederick became more regarded as the true face of the Crimson Crosses; meanwhile the other twin would be known soon after for his activities under the Moresatta gangs.
I need to give back to more artists. I need to do more.
Refunded a patron I had before. I want to fix something and do right. Commissions is a far more suitable and trustworthy alternative, and better for all parties involved. After all the refunds have gone through, I'm deleting my Patreon.


EyeOfSemicolon's Profile Picture
Oscar Rodriguez
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I am an illustrator, one who has taken time to learn the history and works of many great artists like Peter Paul Rubens, Albrecht Durer and Rembrandt, as well the modern works of Banksy, and comic artists like Frank Miller. I'm still learning, everyday in fact, trying to balance traditional works like painting and drawing with their digital counterparts.

I've written, though not professionally, and I hope to someday bring my own story out to the public, and in whatever medium I feel would be necessary for it.

I am available for Commission work, will work primarily in the digital medium, and will always remain respectful to colleagues, followers, and great artists alike.

Send a note my way if you got questions or want tips, or if you're interested in doing epic roleplay stories.

EDIT 4/5/18:
I just need to get this out. After getting the link and posting, as well being informed, I have to inform you all some issues. As a comment points out, selling Fanfiction is illegal, as it's selling content belonging to a property. At the time of doing the commission, I thought that I was doing a regular, free fanfiction, not a sold work. This is also a fairly common thing with their other work on Amazon, which I only knew after doing the job and getting the link. I admit my irresponsibility in not looking into this any further, and apologize for not having acted professionally in getting a further understanding as to how my work would be used and the situation surrounding it.

I won't be deleting this journal, as in my opinion it would be dishonest and hiding my fault. Hope you may understand, and I hope that the author can do the honest action of providing such content freely.

Hope this won't be of an issue again in the future.



NOTE: For the sake of transparency this is a promotion for someone's work, who had hired me as an artist for their cover. I am not personally or otherwise affiliated with the writer beyond the work I've done for them, and I don't earn anything for this work. I'm not part of their writing, or anything beyond simply illustrating a cover.

Recently I've done some work for a fanfiction writer on a story based off Five Nights at Freddy's, which you can see included here:

Five Nights at Freddy's: The Fazbear Legacy cover1 by EyeOfSemicolon Five Nights at Freddy's: The Fazbear Legacy cover2 by EyeOfSemicolon

As promised when doing these commissions, I said I'd give a link to their work once it was available, and so it shall be included here on this journal:…

Now I feel it is fair that I stress some things. I don't normally read fan-fiction, and as I've made it clear in the past my relationship with FNAF (in both content and the fandom) is respectably distant. While I may not have the same enthusiasm as I did before, I don't have any ill-will to anyone who still does, whether that be the series creator, the fanbase, or fellow content creators whose work I still like throughout the internet. So I will be completely honest with you that I've never read this story, nor do I plan on doing so in the near future. This is simply a personal choice, nothing more.

If a fanfiction is your kind of thing, feel free to check out the link. I can't give you a gauge on quality or respect towards the source material, so I can only leave this to your own judgement. Ultimately I'm simply passing the link.

These commissions were fun, and I hope to do more equally entertaining and challenging works in the future.


KRONOS story poll: Which suspect would you want me to focus on for the next chapter? Voting ends on the 10th of June 

12 deviants said Jason Cross: Son of the victim, local rogue, and former member of a lawful militia
6 deviants said Thomas Erickson: Scarred CEO of a major corporation, egotist, and local elite


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