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Why must poetry
Be beautiful?
Be sad?
Be deep?

Must it always
Have morals
For one
To reap?

We search for hidden meaning
In each line of poetry
In each word of poetry
As if it were treasure
Hidden by the pirates of literature
For us to seek out
And claim for our own.

We look to poetry
As a source of beauty
As we look towards a flower
Standing tall, petals tipped open
As if wanting to embrace the sun and the sky,
Colours gleaming in the light
For our viewing pleasure.

We seek out emotion
In poetry
As if we are emotionless ourselves
And searching for replacements.
As if we were empty shells of man and woman,
Using poetry to fill ourselves
With the feelings that we lack.

Not every poem
is an Aesop fable,
Filled with moral
For us to learn.

Do not search
for these
For they
May not be there.

The moral of this poem
Is that there is no moral.
The beauty of this poem
Is that there is no beauty.
Not every work is a work of art.
Enjoy what is written, but don't always delve too deep.

For if you go too deep
And find nothing
Then there you are alone.

So enjoy
the poetry
For what it is
Not what it can be.
Reading my Literature book on the section of poetry, I came across a sentence that stated the overall message of the poem I am about to write.

Spontaneous poetry.

UPDATE: Apparently this is also my most-plagiarized poem! I've found this on three different sites so far, uncredited to me. All three have been dealt with, though.
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TheMagicalLightbulbStudent Artisan Crafter
It's..perfect *sniff*
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I like it~ And it really reminds me of a poem by Billy Collins called Introduction to Poetry 101. You should read it. The one thing I wasn't so sure about was the rhyming of the first two stanzas, it took away from the rest of the poem, I think. (Because of the inconsistency)
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Daystar-ArtHobbyist General Artist
Hello there, it's feature time :) [link]
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ANJEll4evrHobbyist General Artist
Wow, I was suprised to see negative responses to your poem. I love it! And I get it, some poems have a deep meaning that you have to search for and some are just, like you said... spontaneous! ! ! It makes alot of sense and is beautifully written!
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puzzledpixelHobbyist General Artist
it's not poetry if it's about nothing. is it? it's not even art. however, even this piece is about something..your idea of poetry?hehe. have a good day.
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FallenfromtheStarzHobbyist Writer
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I don't necessarily agree with everything in this, but that's what made me stop to think about it. Often the de-personalised, seemingly unemotional poems are the ones that really make you think and feel, not the ones with sappy sentiment leaking out of every crevice. I particularly like the third last stanza. Nice work bro
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Love it!
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I Believe in truth
your skills would serve better
in prose, now get lost

Poetry has morals/is intended to be beautiful/profound for a reason, it is its purpose, if one wasn't trying to say something it would have no purpose, why would you write poetry if you weren't trying to say something?

The last stanza offends me particularly, as it is obvious you think you are delivering a profound message. You are not. The message is silly at best and meaningless at worst (and self contradictory) but this would all be forgivable if it wasn't poorly delivered. The very last line: "Not what it can be" makes no sense, and you simply cannot end like that.

I hate you, I hate everyone like you
You are not important
You are not good
You are small
You are worthless
(so am I)
This is something that you need to accept
The above does not constitute poetic technique(This paragraph was added after reading your profile).
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I considered deleting your comment. Then I thought about it and decided not to, because that would do nothing.

I like that you're offended by the poem. I like that you had any reaction at all. I even like that you hate me without knowing me. I like that you judged me based on elaborate words I punched into a computer, intentionally grandiose for the sake of art, some of them well over five years old by this point and no longer indicative of their creator.

(And I also like how you seemingly created your profile for the sole purpose of saying this to me. I can only assume that I either got you in trouble for plagiarizing or you're a friend of said person-type. But I could be wrong: you could just be new here and judging me right out the bat.)

<I did delete the post on my front-page, though. That had no substance to it like this one did.>
Person-A-B's avatar

Firstly, I still cannot believe that anyone would plagiarize you, (if you have evidence I would honestly like to see it as it will no doubt change my entire perspective on the nature of humanity) so no, that's not the reason I am hating. I posted that because I truly hate what I read on your profile and all it stood for (based on what I saw, I cannot base my opinion on anything else).

Secondly, no i didn't make this just for you, I made it for some other guy and then I saw you. Thirdly I would not call anything you write grandiose or elaborate

However, I am saddened to find that your profile is perhaps not, as you say, indicative of its creator, simply because your reply seems to have at least a little intelligence and self awareness behind it, especially the decision not to delete, which I did not expect at all.

However, regardless of whether or not you still believe what you put on your profile or not, you continue to support it's message simply by maintaining it. If you disagree with what you have written (as you have implied) I want to know very much your reason for keeping it.
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I keep it because it is mine. It's a record of my ideas and their changing progress over many years. Surely even you have changed in your mentality over the past five or so years.
And I have violation reports here on deviantArt and in emails, but it seems kind of silly to share all of those because one person has doubts.
This has gone on a bit longer than I'd hoped it would. Again: I appreciate your hate (at least it's not apathy), and hope to see some work on your page at some point.
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ha, you are foolish, just as I thought, and not very good with subtlety. I still maintain that you could very easily keep records at home, and that by broadcasting it you are at least not at ends with it (as I believe that you should be).
You will never see any work on my page because I am not so presumptuous as to believe that anything that I have done is worth sharing (hint hint) and also because I do not seek approval from stranger online or slightly peeved self proclaimed poets like yourself.
I personally would never have conversations like this end (I do so love poking people) but I suppose I am getting more out of it than you, so I understand if you never reply again.
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anyone ever tell you art and poetry are subjective, not objective. so here's a haiku for you:
this is way too late
your poem's a syllable short
and mine has no point
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Also, I had been meaning to find this for you, as another response to your notion that poems HAVE to have a meaning:

Lizard by Shel Silverstein

A lizard in a blizzard
Got a snowflake in his gizzard
And nothing else much happened, I'm afraid,
But lizard rhymed with blizzard
And blizzard rhymed with gizzard
And that, my dear, is why most poems are made.

(Yes, there's a meaning in this poem, but the meaning is the same as mine: there doesn't have to be one)
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JericaBestestPoetHobbyist Writer
love this comment, if I could fav it, I would! :)
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Bless Shel Silverstein! His words painted my children in the bright colors of poetry that each still wears today! I thought that this "lizard in a blizzard" analogy was perfectly suited to this particular correspondence. Well done!
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By all means, poke and prod away: if it bothered me, I'd have deleted it all by now.
I'm a bit confused, I must admit, at the notion of creating a profile on a community designed for the creation and sharing of art, only to not share any art. All art is worth sharing; it is another matter (typically subjective) whether or not it is good.
I truly would love to see your work. You oughtn't demean it so; it's not a matter of seeking approval, but rather a matter of expression and sharing it with others that may relate (or even be inspired by it). If your expression is purely private, then I understand, but I think expression ought to be expressed. It's in the word, after all.
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kedonsineHobbyist Writer
This Is Beautiful. Maybe I Might Plagiarize it. :xd!: :-P
Just Kiddin'
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A poem: I am a poem.
Person: Oh, how exquisite! Every one of those four words sends a message to my inner being!
Me: OH PRETTY!!! Words!!!
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I wrote a very brief, badly worded poem in response to this one. Check it out on my profile.

I do like your poem a lot, but your logic is flawed. Nevertheless, it's a nice poem to read.
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This is nice, i can see why people plagiarize it
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bluemoonkwlHobbyist Photographer
I really liked this peom, it says something about poems in gengeral. Well DOne!!
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