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DNA Print

Modelling was done with rhino then imported into Maya for lighting setup, and finally materials were added with mxst (Maxwell studio)

The new render is better in every respect I can think of: I improved the exposure, Chose a smaller aperture for more depth of field and improved the composition a little bit. The new render took a weak or maybe two to render... can't remember exactly XD. It's 2100 x 1500 pixels

Just a small update... The image is not available as stock anymore. I have deleted my istock account.

The print is still available on Deviantart.
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good good
nice lighting
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can't believe i miss this, its awesome!!!:clap:
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Thank you! :)
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Thank you! ;D
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Nice clean render and beautiful simplicity. Great work on the material and lighting. :)
Great picture. would you mind if i use it in a presentation for a biology conference in Barcelona?

(i am a phd student)

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I've sent you a note with details ;)
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I feel lke I could reach out and grab that! Perfect.
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Thank you! ;D
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Wonderful! Can I have a pendant like this? I really want to wear i as necklace...I live DNA!!!
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Thank you! I don't quite understand the second part can you clarify please?
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I meant: I love DNA...
And about the necklace...I'd love to have a necklace with something like can't explain it...
well I like it :D
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:D thanks again! ;D
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Is there anyway to be able to use it for a jewelry ad of a small body piercing business here in Québec (Canada)? We are only 3 people running it and it would be very local. We could pay a bit for it but we don't have much... let me know !!
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I would be glad if you used it! If you are still interested mail me at
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Love your work! Great job as usual!
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Thank you! ;)
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Amazing!!!! And perfectly beautiful. eyej!!!! B-)
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Thank you! :hug:
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