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My First Tattoo by eyeeyeYzrol My First Tattoo :iconeyeeyeyzrol:eyeeyeYzrol 1 23 OCTFollowers ID by eyeeyeYzrol OCTFollowers ID :iconeyeeyeyzrol:eyeeyeYzrol 0 5
BBOCT R1 - Ian Vs. Loar
It felt like just as soon as Ian had dozed off, he was awake again. Stifling a yawn, he absentmindedly brought his paw up to his face - and met foliage.
Opening his eyes, the doctor was met with a green blur, which slowly focused into a large leaf. Brushing it off his face, he pulled himself into a seated position, before gawping at his surroundings.
"This must be the arena Amina was talking about..." he muttered to himself. The wind rustled through the trees that were scattered around the large enclosure, and the sun was pleasantly warm on his fur. Ian slowly stood up, still staring around himself. This place was so different to the dank cell he'd been in before! He could almost believe that the last year and a bit hadn't happened...
Setting off at a slow pace, his ears quickly alerted him to the sound of running water, and he could make out a clump of rocks on the horizon - and something which set his fur on end. Something about those boulders didn't seem right - was one of them movi
:iconeyeeyeyzrol:eyeeyeYzrol 0 0
BBOCT R1 - Intermission
Sheets. Crisp, cool sheets. The murmur of voices drifting across from a distance...
The voices were getting louder. Some sort of argument...? And then-
"Shaddup and sit down, ya mangy four-legged! 'S bad enough we hav'ta guard you while yer in 'ere without yer shootin' yer mouth off every coupl'a seconds!"
Wait... guard? Four-legged? What did that-
The camp. The cages suddenly arriving, spiriting away anyone to stupid or weak to run away. The image of the hated King Alaur, telling them they were in a tournament, fighting for their lives to 'earn their place' in a society that was told to loathe them...
Ian finally opened his eyes, and glanced around the room he was lying in. Everything was white, and there was a smell in the air Ian recognised all too well.
"The old East Wing of the hospital?" he murmured to himself, hauling himself onto his elbows for a better look around.
There was a dull ache at the back of his neck, and his vision swam in front of his eyes for a second with
:iconeyeeyeyzrol:eyeeyeYzrol 1 4
Mercenaries - Chapter 1
The notice was small and indescript - so much so, that it was almost lost in the sea of other pieces of paper pinned over the top and to the sides. Maybe that had been what had drawn Wraith's eye to it. However, after a cursory glance at the crabbed handwriting, he had immediately lost interest.
Turning away, Wraith surveyed the street. It was fairly busy - stalls selling everything from baskets to live poultry to furniture lined the opposite side. The street wasn't particularly wide, so any more than a dozen people in one area of it made movement difficult. At the minute, he estimated that there must have been more than 50 people, all milling around, buying or selling, shouting to be heard over the rabble around them. It was a busy street. Wraith's kind of street.
His dusty grey clothing was the same as everyone elses, and the thin hood attatched to the back of his top helped him to remain anonymous. Not that he needed any help to be inconspicuous. Wraith had grown up with a talent fo
:iconeyeeyeyzrol:eyeeyeYzrol 1 10
Mercenaries - intro
It was strangely quiet. The absense of noise seemed to almost take on a solid form, which clamped down on all sound like a vice. The dampened sussurations which did manage to pierce the silence could have almost been imagined in the damp, chilled air.
It was a watchful silence, a silence which was not exactly nervous, but which did have a certain edge of resentment to it. Well, perhaps resentment was the wrong word. A more suitable replacement would be along the lines of... well-surpressed murderous intent.
A single, dank beam of light shone down through a hole in the door, and barely managed to illuminate the cold, rough stone floor of the small cell. Without really noticing, the single occupant, attatched to the wall by sturdy chains, had been staring at this tiny pool of illumination for some time.
The muted plib of a drop of liquid falling onto the stone floor underneath did not go unnoticed, but neither did it have any other consequence. It was not the first to fall, and it
:iconeyeeyeyzrol:eyeeyeYzrol 0 4
Ian BloodbathOCT audition
"There's nothing else I can do. She needs food to give her enough strength to pull through, but these bastards won't even toss us a dry bone!"
"It's okay, Ian. You've done more than enough already. At least... at least she isn't in pain anymore..."
The grieving mother's voice trailed off as she dissolved into tears, huddling into her husband's chest as her grief finally got the better of her. Ian was left stood there, watching helplessly as the husband tried to comfort the distressed animal, but he could see the grief in his eyes. All around him, there was nothing but grief, hunger, and death.
Turning away, he stooped low to get through the small doorframe, and emerged into the fetid squalor of the camp. He hated moments like these, when the rife disease claimed another life, and all he could do was... well, nothing. But he had to try! Ever since that damned Alaur came to power, he had done nothing but tear apart communities and friendships. Who the hell was he to say that the four-leg
:iconeyeeyeyzrol:eyeeyeYzrol 1 14
Ian Carrillo reference by eyeeyeYzrol Ian Carrillo reference :iconeyeeyeyzrol:eyeeyeYzrol 2 14 Get That Girl a Hairbrush by eyeeyeYzrol Get That Girl a Hairbrush :iconeyeeyeyzrol:eyeeyeYzrol 1 5 Random lineart by eyeeyeYzrol Random lineart :iconeyeeyeyzrol:eyeeyeYzrol 0 30 Law of Talos Chart by eyeeyeYzrol Law of Talos Chart :iconeyeeyeyzrol:eyeeyeYzrol 203 69 Survivor: DeviantArt chart by eyeeyeYzrol Survivor: DeviantArt chart :iconeyeeyeyzrol:eyeeyeYzrol 9 10 Nolane ref v2.0 by eyeeyeYzrol Nolane ref v2.0 :iconeyeeyeyzrol:eyeeyeYzrol 1 11 Handwriting meme-mabob by eyeeyeYzrol Handwriting meme-mabob :iconeyeeyeyzrol:eyeeyeYzrol 0 6
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Lorze the Brookes.
United Kingdom
Behold! The one picture of me where I look asian! FFF, I look nothing like that. But it's better than that other damned picture of me.

Current Residence: In front of my computer.
Favourite genre of music: ROCK METAL SHIZZLE... uh... yeah.
Favourite photographer: The ones with a camera
Favourite style of art: Mainly writing, some doodling
MP3 player of choice: iPod touch, thank you Santa!
Favourite cartoon character: Roronoah Zoro >:B
Personal Quote: "No shit, Sherlock."
Well, probably don't care about.

Yes, 10 strange things about me that most of you probably don't know and which will most likely make :iconilovebrucied: recoil just a teensy bit. What with knowing me in real life, and all.

Tagged by the lovely and talented :iconsweetgreychaos: - go give her some love, she really is a lovely person :)

1) I used to bite my nails a lot, but I finally managed to beat the habit by using nail varnish and a fair bit of will power. I'm also fairly flexible due to biting my toenails on a regular basis.

2) I'm currently puzzling over a way to fix the hilt of my cardboard-and-duct-tape sword for a cosplay in September. The problem is that I used the top of a plastic bottle to make the fancy hand protector, and it doesn't have enough strength to stay stuck down to the rest of it. I'll sort something out, but lord knows what that will be.

3) I have 3 alternative body alterations - an ear stretcher in my left ear, a labret stud, and an industrial bar across the top of my right ear. I have plans for a nose piercing and a few more in my ears, and I'm also getting my first tattoo on Saturday - a celtic butterfly on my ankle.

4) It's very rare when I can go to sleep in any position and not feel burning nausea in my throat. It's not an about-to-throw-up feeling, but it is something I've suffered from since a very early age. The only way to get to sleep is to lie on my front, and some nights even that doesn't work.

5) When I was in Year 9, I suffered from a very painful knee condition. When I went to the doctors about it, I was told that I had a muscle imbalance because my kneecaps are too small. Apparently, this happens a fair bit.

6) Despite being British and growing up with Harry Potter as a large part of my childhood, I was completely disenchanted with the franchise after watching the 4th movie and reading the 6th book. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was the second book ever I could never bring myself to finish. The first was Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

7) There is a roundabout in my town which I do not like in the slightest. As a roundabout, it's fairly reasonable on most days. However, I failed my first driving test there by nearly crashing within the first 2 minutes of starting, and I also had my first near-crash there, which caused me to take off my green P-plates in a panic - well, they could have identified me by them, instead of by the fact I drive a car with a very uncommon make and brand.

8) Every Life Should Have 9 Cats - so far, mine has had 11. In order, they were called Ebony, Tabitha, Ross, Smudge, Sukie, Bonnie, Clyde, Zoe, Chloe, Rosie and Poppy.  To date, 4 died of illness or injury, 2 were run over, 2 ran away, and I'm currently living with Bonnie, Clyde and Poppy.

9) I would love to go on holiday in the Carribean, USA or Canada. However, every holiday I've been on, I've gone with my Dad, and he does not do well with flying. 4 hours is his limit, which made the one time we flew to Newfoundland in Canada to go to my uncle's wedding a very stressful trip for him.

10) Doing Psychology at A-level and beyond is both a blessing and a curse. On the one side, it gives you an interesting insight into how the world operates and why people do as they do - but on the other hand, you will spend quite some time second-guessing every decision you make. This is particularly aggravating when you have never really fancied anyone, and think you may have taken a shine to someone.

It took me a long time to think of things to put coming towards the end of this journal, and hopefully it doesn't sound like a "Woe is me" cop-out of any sort. I love reading this sort of journal when artists on here whom I admire post them up - hopefully, this is just as interesting an insight into who I am as those are for other people. If that made any sense at all.
  • Listening to: TV police sirens
  • Reading: Internet stuff
  • Watching: Traffic Cops - I love police shows :D
  • Playing: Allods and Minecraft
  • Eating: Pas rien.
  • Drinking: DHMO mixed with enzymes.


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