Sharpen your claws!

Rules and World


1) No harassment, discrimination, bullying, or anything more than friendly rivalry.

2) Eyedra are a Closed Species. You cannot create one unless given permission by MutationIvo.

3) Blacklisting can happen from serious offenses in other adoptable groups, as well as this one.

4) You cannot return or refund a digital purchase, an Eyedra or services, for compensation. You can return them without compensation, but they will not be resold. For Eyedra, this means NPC status.

5) Trading and gifting requires Admin permission from both parties. Note the group. You cannot trade with anyone on the blacklist.

6) If you are ever blocked and blacklisted from the group, your Eyedra are revoked immediately and original adoption upload is marked as such. They become NPCs.

7) Respect other's wishes regarding their Eyedra. Ask permission to draw, do not assume relationships/familial ties without permission, and listen to any particular requests by the owner!

8) Rules/offenses are subject to judgement of Admins and moderators, and further rules may be created as needed. You will not be guilty of new rules unless you caused the creation of said rule in a drastic manner.


An Eyedra lives and dies by their own strength.

Eyedra, as a society, value strength, resilience, and creative solutions to unsolvable problems. They are firm believers in travel, expanding territory, and heroics.

Swords for those without claws, shields for those without scales .

Sprawling castles, sweltering forges, traveling bards- they have never encountered anything more advanced then a trebuchet, and commoners may be illiterate!

Worlds weave together...

They do have the magic to traverse worlds! RP them, draw them interacting with humans, dwarfs, elves- and any appropriate species that's open to interaction!

It is incredibly difficult for any single one Eyedra to get permission to go out into the wider universe, but as an RP starter perhaps one of the Queens has a reason lending a portal magician's help...

May-June : Flower Dress!

It's the Eye Opening Festival! It's spring! It's blooming and lovely! It's a rare time to dress up! Put your Eyedra in flowery clothes, hats, dresses, robes, the like. Roses, Lilies, Lilacs and Daisys! GO NUTS!
Do that flower costume!

If you win this prompt you will obtain one S-rank Male or Female Eyedra MYO plus the normal QC bonus!

Reply here to submit your prompt entry : www.deviantart.com/comments/1/…

What is the 2-Month Prompt?

Monthly prompts are prominent in numerous Closed Species group. In short, participate! Write! Draw! And sometimes, earn rewards! For Eyedra Empire, though, they run for two months.

Normally, drawing a single Eyedra will give you +5 Queen's Coins.
What are Queen's Coins? Click here to read.

HOWEVER! Participating in a bi-monthly prompt will give you an extra 10 Queen's Coins!
Then, one winner will also receive 30 Queen's Coins for their glorious contribution to the empire!

Mar-Apr 2019 : Link-up!

The sun warms your scales, and you awaken from your slumber- time to go play and hang with your friends!
Do you have any relationships with other folk's Eyedra? Draw them together!
This prompt has ended. No entrys.

Jan-Feb 2019 : New Beginnings (Ended!)

The great clock starts on a new year. Will your Eyedra start a brand new path? Did they start a new romance? A new home--- or maybe--
Spring cleaning for the soul, and they are determined to be a whole new person?
This prompt has ended. Winner: Lovinz

Nov-Dec 2018 :  Warmth (Ended!)

After the chaos of what happened in Milfora, winter begins to set in. The theme is Warmth Does your Eyedra bundle up in warm clothes, knitting that shows off intricate tales of days long past? Do they have a great fireplace in the caverns- something to truly be jealous of- or are they huddled around a dying flame in the ruins of a human house?Or is the warmth they take comfort in... figurative? In the arms of another?
This prompt has ended. Winner: Anya--Volkov

Sept-Oct 2018 : Ghoulish Night! (Ended!)

The undead strike! The gray fever ravages the people of the outpost Milfora! How is your Eyedra fairing? Besieged by a horde of ghouls? Down with the sickness? Being a hero? Being a distressed derg? Have they started craving something to gnaw on?

THIS IS A SPECIAL EVENT PROMPT. Participation gets you a free upgrade to one of the new traits introduced in October!
This prompt has ended. Winner : NekoChanTheKitty

July -August 2018 : Festival! (Ended)

FIREWORKS! DANCING! Eyedra climb mountains and hills, set up stalls, picnics, and parties! They buy garbage festival food, foreign trinkets, and then EXPLODE THE SKY with colorful fireworks!
This prompt has ended. Winner : Del-Phynn


- You must finish the artwork in time!
--If it's something you created the previous month, it's okay to enter, but nothing older!

- Before you use another person's Eyedra, you need permission!

- You can enter writing, artwork, poetry... macaroni art... anything!

- Comment below to help your art get noticed, or note the group!

- You must be a part of the group.

- You don't have to own an Eyedra. (You can use volunteers)

QC Rewards:

Participation = 10 qc!

Drawing any Eyedra + 5 qc

Drawing any Queens, Kings, or Mascots + 10 qc

Winning a Monthly Prompt: + 30 qc!

[News May 2019] General Plans and Work~ by MutationIvo
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