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Mythical Creatures Area

F e l l a . DeviantART Tour 1 by thekidKaos

half Human and half Horse

A cyclops cyclopes in Greek mythology and later Roman mythology, was a member of a primordial race of giants, each with a single eye in the middle of his forehead.

Homer describes the Chimaira in the Iliad as a fire hybrid creature with three heads: that of a lion, the neck of a goat, and the tail has the head of a serpent or a dragon

A dragon (Latin draco, ancient Greek drákōn "snake"; actually, "the rigid-looking") is a snake-like hybrid creatures of mythology, which combines the natural characteristics of reptiles, birds and predators in different variations with each other. He is often winged, equipped with eagle claws or lion's paws and spits fire.

Dwarfs is a collective term for people make, diminutive mythical creatures of popular belief, the underground mostly live in caves or in the mountains. They have their origin in Norse mythology.
Often, the dwarves are said to have superhuman strength and power. They are considered smart and charming knowledgeable, sometimes cunning, greedy and treacherous, but mostly helpful, and especially in later times, in fairy tales and legend, represented as bearded male with stocking cap.

Fairy and Elves:
Elves are figures of light or nature spirits that were originally derived from Norse mythology. Norse they are called ALFR, OHG. Alb, Old-English. AELF Danish elve; the kymrische (Welsh) Word is Ellyll "the [very] Other", Irish Ailill.

The gnome (plural: gnomes) is a tiny, human-like mythical creature who is considered by Paracelsus as an elemental and as a mountain spirit associated with the area of the earth. Later the term gnome practically synonymous with dwarf or goblin, who can not live only on earth but also in forests, mountains and waters. In modern fantasy, the gnome (especially English by the influence of literature) also approached the goblin.

The leprechaun is a house spirit that protects the house, but its inhabitants like to tease, but without causing any damage. He can appear for example in the form of a spring in a deep sleep falls on the nose, thus causing a sneeze.

As a kind of giant humanoid, but especially great and powerful beings are referred to in many stories, myths, legends and fairy tales, whose representatives often take the role of antagonist.

The Hydra (Greek Ὕδρα) is a many-headed serpent-like monster in Greek mythology. If it loses a head, grow in its place two new ones in the head was in the middle immortal.

A troll, even Trolled Troll (North Germanic "monster", "giant", "natural beings"), was originally a generic term for all clumsy, sinister supernatural beings, often a harm-making giant in Norse mythology, similar to Thursen and Jöten.

The Hippogryph has the head, wings and forelegs of an eagle and the abdomen of a horse, while the grip is a hybrid of eagle and lion. To this extent, the Hippogryph not a combination of horse and gripping, as the name suggests, but a combination of horse and bird of prey. The Pegasus is a winged horse again (that has a horse's head and four horses legs).

A harpy ([harpyːjə], Greek ἅρπυια, Harpyia "thriller", latin harpeia) is a winged hybrid creature of Greek mythology.

The Kraken (order Octopoda) are a subset of the eight-armed squid (Vampyropoda) within the squid (Coleoidea). Their closest relatives are the Cirrentragenden octopus and the squid-like vampire (Vampyromorpha).

Their outer shape share the mermaids with the already mentioned other female water creatures. Her beautiful young body are human only in the upper half and the lower half (usually from the hip) is covered with scales as fishtail described.

In Greek mythology, nymphs are female divinities of inferior rank, which occur as personifications of natural forces were everywhere and partly as facilitators higher deities such as Dionysus, Artemis and Aphrodite, sometimes thought of as acting independently.

Early depictions of the Gorgons found, among others in the Greek black-figure vase painting. Their distorted faces are indicated by the large mouth area with numerous, often pointed teeth and tongue hanging out. They have wings and snakes come as body parts in front early, not necessarily, however, can start at the top, but also for example at the shoulders.

The Minotaur (Greek Μινώταυρος) is a figure in Greek mythology, a creature with a human body and a bull's head.

The phoenix (Ancient Greek Φοίνιξ, phoinix, from ancient Egyptian Benu, "The Born-Again / The newborn son"; Latin Phoenix) is a mythical bird that burns or dies to relocate the decaying body or out of its ashes at the end of its life cycle purchase.

Satyrs were creatures in Narnia of a similar appearance to Fauns (though with more goatish faces rather than humanoid ones), and loved to sing and dance along with them.
They looked more or less like an ordinary goat, but stood upright like a human (similiar to Minotaurs). They were covered in fur, which ranged to a host of colours, from red to brown, and even white.
Because of their goat legs, they were able to leap and jump great distances and heights.

The sphinx was represented by the Greeks as a winged lion with the head of a woman, partly as a woman with paws and breasts of a lion, a serpent's tail and bird wings.

The unicorn is a mythical horse-like animal with a horn on its forehead. It is considered the noblest of all mythical creatures and stands as a symbol for good.

Pegasus (Greek Πήγασος Pegasus, plural Πηγασος Pēgasoi, Latin Pegasus) is a winged horse in Greek mythology.

Undead Creatures:
As a zombie, a man is called, which was apparently risen from the dead and resurrected to life and are thrilled to be so-called Undead Revenants or as a Deprived of his soul, will-less beings

As a demon (plural demons of Greek daimon δαίμων) is in religious studies initially a "ghost" or a power of fate (δαιμόνιον daimon) as "warning or warning voice (the conscience)" and understood "doom". Under Christian influence the meaning then changed to "devils", "Satan", "Lucifer". Today with the "demon" contrary to the neutral to more positive meaning of the original word for the intentioned mental phenomena or spiritual being exclusively referred to such a "being" which frightened by the perception that people who threatens or inflicts damage them, in every respect as an evil spirit appears , The systematic collection of demons is called demonology.

A vampire (/ Vampire / or / vampire / [1]; outdated and Vampyr) is in folklore and mythology of a blood-sucking night shape. It usually is a reanimated human corpse that feeds on human or animal blood and - depending on the culture and myth - is equipped with various supernatural powers.
Sometimes the word "vampire" also deals with non-human characters like demons or animals (eg. As bats, dogs, spiders). According to the mythological figure vampire vampire bats (Desmodontinae) are named, the only group of mammals that feed exclusively on the blood of other animals.

A werewolf (of Germanic who, Man. '; See also Latin vir, Dutch weerwolf, Old English who wulf [e], Swedish varulv) called althochdeutsch also man wolf is in mythology, legends and poetry a man turning into a wolf can. As a phenomenon he belongs to a large complex of Wertiere (Therianthropy - from the Greek therion, 'wild animal' and anthropos: human touch.), Which is found worldwide in religion and mythology.

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