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This photo I did of Josie Nutter [link] is one of my favorites. The spikes on her head are drywall mounts. I used liquid latex to stick each one on and it took me 3 hours to only cover 3/4 of her head.
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:clap: Great work, congrats on the DD :deviation:
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i really like. quite interesting of an idea. defiantly a favourite.
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Simply amazing, no other word for it
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Superb pic!
Realy nice to watch!
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stunning =) excellent photo, this light is amazing, and you used a lovely model aswell. :+fav:
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I'm a photographer. Says so all over the place. The model is Josie Nutter. I am Rayce.
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Oooh, I was going through my favorites, and found that I favorited this ages ago... I STILL LOVE IT.

You should sell prints of this photo, it's awesome, and I'd definitely buy one.

What's really cool is that my mom is bald for the second time due to cancer treatments, and we keep making suggestions for what she should do for a "new look" - I'll show her this pic and see what she thinks. :giggle:

:heart: Teh Sakky
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interesting photo, and a couple questions. the lipstick seems to distract just a tad, and so does the reflection on the glasses. i love the shadow line on the models cheek and the position of the models hands on her breasts is unique. it really adds a dimension.
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Thank you for your input :)
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that is damn hot!
j-u-d-i-t-h's avatar
Extremely beautiful. Awesome photo...
definitely original........and thats why I LOVE IT!
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Thanks LeeRaven :) ::hugs::
definitely original........and thats why I LOVE IT!
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W-O-W..................that is oustanding.......amazing.Awsome work....I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
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I love this pic......
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heh, i know u've had this one up for a while, but i just found it! luvin it mucho! i just hope im that pretty w/ my head shaved!
chubbybunnies's avatar
me too! i wanna fuzzy head... lol
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