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Fictional airplane development: He-211 A

The original He 111 was always one of my fav WW2 planes, but the design was a bit dated compared to others, and I thought it could use a design update like other german WW2 bombers got(like Do-17 to Do-217 etc). Design changes would consist mainly of redesigned thinner and longer wings, smaller remote controlled defensive weapon stations and stronger engines aiming to reduce drag and improve performance.

Also tried to practice and improve soft shading and practicing highlights and lighting in general a bit.
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Great concept design and camo!
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Like it - great air to air picture and good aerodynamic thinking with vortex reducing wingtips and higher A/R. My favourite design too! It almost conforms to area rule for cross sections and those new engine nacelles now also do. If rebuilt in modern materials and with turboprops it could be fast like the Tupolev "Bear" Nice big fin and rudder for coping with one engine out. I have on efor my flightsim and the glazed nose gives fantastic view for taxying and landing.
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Thanks, cool to see it made you think. The 111 was always one of my fav WW2 designs.
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Just a perfect update! 😍 I especially love the winglets! Very smooth and clean looks now...actually not so german anymore ;) 
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Thanks and yeah, the german bomber designs often looked cumbersome.
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Beautiful work - :)

You are very talented :)
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Interesting idea, pretty big increase in engine power would make for a zippy bomber. Were the wing tips inspired by the Heinkel 162?
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The wingtips were not particularly inspired by the He-162, just wanted to give it a more modern look. but now that you mention it, yeah, I see the resemblance. Thanks!
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It's stunning ! Applaud fella (Reactions) 
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Before I read your comment, I thought it was WW2 style, guerrilla version.
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Great redesign of this airplane and makes me wonder what it could be if it happened, also superbly painted and coloured! :)
But if the airplane is in the same size as the original one problem would still exist: the small bombbay it had and it could only store the bombs verticaly inside :/
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Thanks! Yeah the bomb bay would be a problem, but it'd be at least faster and better defended and be able to carry more ordonance at least outside, can't have everything I guess :D
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  Beautiful, really well done!!!
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Nice details. The symmetry is spot on as well :nod:
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looks so cool , more in that cammo x3
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