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Fictional Airplane Development: CANSA FC.13

I always liked Italies early WW2 fighter designs which were aerodynamically advanced but plagued by weak and unreliable engines. A while ago I stumbled over… and thought it'd be cool to draw a hypothetical single seat fighter version with some aerodynamical refinements. Tried to practice soft shading too.

[EDIT: reworked parts of it]
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A soviet yak with italian airframe? Looks good!
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I don't know much about planes, but i love anything from this era really. Great work!
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Thanks, nice to see you like it!
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Would have been a winner - but I reckon they would have to provide a full canopy.
EyeballEarth's avatar
Depends on when it'd be built I guess, many earlier italian planeshad open ones. That gives me an an idea, maybe I'll get around to draw a series 5 version of this plane, like the MC 205 or Fiat G55, with closed canopy and those Tifone engines.
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Gorgeous work :)
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Nice! It looks like an amazing aircraft. :nod:
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600 hp was pretty low for the dawn of WWII, most early 30s fighters had the same or more. A shame considering Italy's advanced auto engines.
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Yeah, their aerodynamics were really good but they only started to shine when they got those license produced german engines.
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Amazing as usual lol.
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This looks really nice. I love the design and the fact that it's based on an actualy model makes it even cooler!
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Lovely rework of a little-known aircraft. Very nice.
EyeballEarth's avatar
Yeah, those oddball designs alwayys stand in the shadows of the likes of Spitfire, 109 or P-51. Thanks!
comradeloganov's avatar
I agree completely! You might like some of my "what if" profiles that seek to redress that very imbalance.
EyeballEarth's avatar
Your stuff is cool, great job!
comradeloganov's avatar
Thanks! I hope you don't mind, but I linked to your image on a couple of "what if" modeling forums where I post all my profiles. I know they'll like it there. It's very much up their alley.……
EyeballEarth's avatar
Sure, no prob, thanks!
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