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Dear members... do you want us to remain a supergroup? Comments(and donations in points) would be appreciated.
Thanks to a single donation we're again a supergroup! Thank you :iconkitten-of-kaos:

Now to justify us being super again, stay tuned for uptades during this week ;)
TheImperialFirTree by BioWolff

The Eye of Terror staff wishes happy holidays to all our members and contributors. May the next year be filled with great rolls, epic conversions, wondrous new art and a servitor of your own to help you out.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

card by :icondarealwurld40k: tree by :iconbiowolff:

Stolen images and summer gallery cleaning

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 26, 2013, 10:48 AM
Well, the "spring" gallery cleaning has become "summer" gallery cleaning due to being undermanned and lacking free time to do it. Slow but steady progress. The "featured" folder is sitll opened, feel free to submit there as usual.

On a more important matter, I would like to turn the groups attention to this facebook account:

The account has been linking images from our galleries on facebook for a few months now (from what i've seen), and personally i wouldn't have a problem with that - had they credited the authors or at least left links to your deviantart pages.
They didn't.
Every single image out there was taken from the net, saved, then reuploaded without any link to the original deviantart page, or with any mention of the artists name. Those few of us smart enough to put names and links into the images themselves got lucky, but the issue remains - the images are being used without your premission.

Wether you want them removed, or just credited, or you don't mind your work shown like this, it's totally up to you. Personally i don't mind image sharing as long as the persons follow one simple rule: "Give credit where credit is due". Since that account faild to do so, and even justified themselves with using google search to find images when i comfronted them via e-mail, I dislike their actions and disapprove of their behaviour. And I felt the need to inform you all of this.

Thank you for reading. The position of a trainee moderator for our galleries is still open, if someone is interested, contact me.

Spring gallery cleaning - HELP WANTED!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 1, 2013, 1:49 PM
Greetings, deniznes of The Warp.
Before I start I have to point out this isn't an April Fool's joke, for that you have DeviantArt's new dating system ;)

Now, here's a shocker for you: even The Warp needs spring cleaning!

Our galleries have become huge and bloated like some Nurgle-infested mess. The current system of differentiating between "art" and "miniatures" is no longer helping so we will be doing a complete reorganisation of the folders based on the 40k RACES. Each race will be getting its own separate folder for ease of submitting and browsing.

While this transitional period is in effect, and while we finalise exactly how we will organise the non-miniature stuff without making a gazillion folders, only the FEATURED folder will be open for submissions. This change will take effect on April 2nd.

During the entire month of April we will be doing the reorganisation. As soon as it's done, we will be opening the relevant folders for submission.

During this time we will also be accepting submissions for potential moderators. We need help to reorganise this so if you feel you're up to the task of moderating a group, contact us VIA NOTE. If you perform well, a permanent place in the team is here for you. We offer endless amount of strain and stress with little reward other than the internal satisfaction of doing the job properly ;)
Right, jokes aside, this job is stressful and takes a toll on us, especially when done for no paycheck. Many have come and gone doing it. If you feel you're up to it, note us.

For the rest of you, hang on in there, we're doing a warp jump inside Eye of Terror, and when we get out everything should be spit-n-shine :D

This is :iconolovni: signing off.

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