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Eddie Drood (Secret History Series)
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Edwin Drood (or "Eddie" as he is commonly known), aka Shaman Bond (his field operative cover name) is the main protagonist of The Secret History Series, a fantasy/science fiction & semi secret agent parody series by British author Simon R. Green.

Eddie is a member of the Drood Clan, an ancient family that has assumed the role of  secretly watching over the world and protecting it from the various threats that the mundane world is unaware of, such as malevolent supernatural, extraterrestrial, extra dimensional and temporal entities and races that inhabit or visit the Earth. Needless to say, they are wholeheartedly despised by the various human criminal and subversive elements who operate within the “Hidden World” as well.

Eddie is a field operative of the Drood Clan who operates in London. It was during his childhood while growing up in Drood Hall (or “The Hall”, the Droods' ancestral home and base of operations), that Eddie came to hate his family's lifestyle of strict discipline and the lack of freedom given to him. At some point after he became an active field operative, the Matriarch (the leader of the Drood Clan, who at the time was Eddie's grandmother, Martha) allowed Eddie to leave the Hall and base his operations outside of it due to his lack of respect for Drood authority and procedures. He still owes allegiance to the family and does missions for them, but is able to avoid living in the Hall and thus has much more freedom in living his life on his own terms.  Eddie is a freethinker, lighthearted and has problems with authority of any kind.  Eddie prefers not to kill unless it is the only option to ending a situation, especially if his or the lives of innocent civilians and loved ones are on the line or facing a threat that means to end human existence entirely.  Outside of his lover, Molly Metcalf, the only person within the Drood Clan that Eddie has any attachment to is his uncle, Jack Drood aka The Drood Armorer, the Drood Clan's head tech expert, mechanic and weapon smith.  

All members of the Drood Clan are entrusted with a golden torc, which bestows a form of "living armor" upon the wearer, giving them nearly unlimited strength, speed, durability and stealth, which can be called up or dispelled at will. The torc also grants the wearer “the Sight" which allows him to see through most magical and scientific disguises as well as translates any language both earthly or other worldly. The torc also prevents the user from appearing in any kind of photography/videotaping or tracking of any kind and a whole host of other abilities.  The current incarnation of both the Drood torc and armor are composed of extra dimensional “strange matter” which allows the wearer of the armor to transform all or parts of it's structure into any shape that the wearer can imagine.  Eddie, when acting in full capacity as a Drood agent, always employs his Drood armor in order to protect his cover identity of “Shaman Bond” as he has cultivated Shaman's reputation as a somewhat well known & liked persona in the “Hidden World”scene who is known to appear anywhere or be involved in the various shady dealings  of the “Hidden World”, allowing Eddie to investigate or infiltrate potential threat activity.  

Eddie is in a relationship with Molly Metcalf, aka “the Witch of the Wild Woods.” Initially the two were archenemies, (due to the Drood Clan playing a role in the deaths of Molly's parents) but during a time period that Eddie was branded as an outlaw by the Drood Clan, (the starting adventure of the series) they  became closer to each other as they tried to discover the reason for the Drood Clan proclaiming Eddie an outlaw and are now an inseparable couple.
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