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What makes concept art good? - Now, what would make it even better?

We are looking for general ideas or ways to make great concept art.
This forum is here to provide artist, people like yourself, a place to share experience and knowledge with other artist.

Please list your suggestions, ideas, and/or experience.

If you have any additional time, please visit our gallery and comment on any of the images that inspire you.
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When you can make a concept that is so original it does not make people think of a similar existing idea.
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What a keen point you've made.

It takes innovative minds to envisage tomorrow.

Would you and others agree that Syd Mead and Ralph McQuarrie definitely belong to such an elite group of visionaries?

What are some artists / creative artwork that's inspired you and/or your creative endeavors?
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Yeah, I would say so, not only are they very original their artworks are stunning and they deserve their place at the top of the elite group of visionary's.

I think the biggest inspiration for my passion of digital painting cam from Marc Brunet. It was his artwork that made me say "I want to do that". So I bought a tablet and trained myself. Best thing I ever did.
Their are many more fantastic artist on Deviantart that inspire me too, just look at my watch list.
Last, almost all of my inspiration comes from movies and video games and the artist behind the scenes.
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An impressive watch list to say the least.
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That's because I spend more time collecting art and finding the best artist rather than spending time doing my own artwork! Lol