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Definitely Fishy

By Eydea
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A family of goldfish with some unusual pets.
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The mom fish looks
Like parrot
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The older version is cuter! 
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In America you put fish in fish tank. In soviet Russia fish puts you in fish tank.
katiescarlet's avatar
Bwahahah! This is so awesome!
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That's awesome! Love the concept!

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theres some comic book with weird illustrations that i used to own when i was a kid and there was a few pages of a fish family that buy a scuba diver (in a fish tank) and it shows them acting as humans and the man as a fish.
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This is so funny in an unusual way. In this version there is no problem with seeing that the wiskered fish is a pet and not a family member, I saw it as a tired grandma at the most "real" cartoony version.
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Nice original idea :3
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I love this! I straight up love this!
lonely-in-winter's avatar
This is so amazing! I love your unique way of thinking! :D
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o: that would be really weird if something like that really happened. xD but nice work. :heart:
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This is amazing!! I love the cat fish and the idea of humans in a tank.. Genius!
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Wonderful work I adore it, perfect colours perfect composition, food for my starving eyes I love it xx
VampireQueenEffeffia's avatar
This is hilarious XD

It's cute, I love the art, I love the concept, and this is DEFINITELY what would happen if fish were the dominant beings on the planet XD
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that's cool. it's always nice to see something out side of the norm
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This is great :)
coffee-addict-basha's avatar
so funny and i love the familiy portraits in the background ;)
o0oO-araceli-Oo0o's avatar
hehe the cat is a catfish funny
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