Where did StupidFox Go?

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Hello everyone!

It has been a while since I've made any update, but I am generally bad with social media.

A lot of you (who are still around to read this) are probably wondering what happened with the StupidFox Comics. While I loved working on the comics and still have many ideas written down, personal circumstances were beginning to weigh on my mental health. It wasn't that I suddenly decided to "stop" doing comics one day, but it was because it was getting harder and harder to start them. And eventually, I realized I just wasn't starting them at all.

Depression had me stop drawing altogether for a while, and anxiety stopped me from going to conventions and social meetups. I have been getting treatment for both, but I still find it hard to work on comics (especially a steady one). However, I still accept comic and illustration commissions and have loved drawing personalized work for others! The StupidFox Store will also remain open at www.stupidfoxstore.com where orders will still include a free gift.

For now, I am working on reminding myself how to just have fun with art and drawing with sketches and new mediums. I post my most recent updates on Instagram @eychanchan.

As I've said, I still have some comic ideas stashed away somewhere - Which I might draw in the future.

Thank you for reading, and for all your support!

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ooh, and I bet this year being how it was didn't help at ALL! :(