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Hello everyone!

It has been a while since I've made any update, but I am generally bad with social media.

A lot of you (who are still around to read this) are probably wondering what happened with the StupidFox Comics. While I loved working on the comics and still have many ideas written down, personal circumstances were beginning to weigh on my mental health. It wasn't that I suddenly decided to "stop" doing comics one day, but it was because it was getting harder and harder to start them. And eventually, I realized I just wasn't starting them at all.

Depression had me stop drawing altogether for a while, and anxiety stopped me from going to conventions and social meetups. I have been getting treatment for both, but I still find it hard to work on comics (especially a steady one). However, I still accept comic and illustration commissions and have loved drawing personalized work for others! The StupidFox Store will also remain open at www.stupidfoxstore.com where orders will still include a free gift.

For now, I am working on reminding myself how to just have fun with art and drawing with sketches and new mediums. I post my most recent updates on Instagram @eychanchan.

As I've said, I still have some comic ideas stashed away somewhere - Which I might draw in the future.

Thank you for reading, and for all your support!

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ooh, and I bet this year being how it was didn't help at ALL! :(

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I love Stupid Fox comics. Long ago I stopped reading (is it reading even if the comic doesn't have many words? or even no words at all? lol) then because I didn't really much free time, but just started again and noticed the last comic update on site as back in 2018 so I wondered what happened to the author.

Having depression is a pretty difficult time, I'm on the same boat.

So stay strong, everything gonna be ok. Take your time, rest, get some good food, get professional help (it helps a lot), listen to good and positive songs, meditate and don't rush. You'll be ready to make those again when you're ready to make those again.

By the way, can I give you a small tip that helped me a lot? Remembering what used to make me happy helped me a lot.

Even if you don't feel doing something you used to like (like drawing) force yourself into doing it or at least try. Try, try and try again until you do something. No need to rush, but please try.

Yes, I may sound a bit harsh here and I know sometimes it's hard to even try, but try and once you started to do it, try to remember why you used to like doing it. If you start to have some negative thinking, try to empty your mind with meditation. Meditation isn't very hard at the start.

If your favorite hobby was drawing, try to draw something simple. Like a single the fox doing nothing, don't need to be your best work, you don't even need to post. All you need is to try find that passion again.

(Sorry for my broken english, I'm not a native speaker and I sometimes may sound wrong. But trust me, nothing is meant to be mean.)

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Stay strong. It'll be ok in the end ^_^
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Its ok dude stay strong
faily-o-mcfailson's avatar
Whatever it is you have to do for your health, do it. We'll be waiting because you're worth it. :heart:
Kaelmn's avatar
I wish you to get well as soon as possible ! And to enjoy and be happy doing art (or anything) again :)
SilverWingInk's avatar
I think what you're doing is really good! Keep at it and take the time you need! I really hope you feel better soon and we are always here to support you
valleyviolet's avatar
I'm sorry things have been so difficult. I hope treatment and time help you to reach a place where it's not weighing on you so heavily. (I'll miss the comic, but it's far less important than your health!) 
JSRees's avatar
Hang in there. Depression isn't easy.
ankewehner's avatar
Ow. Take care of yourself! Things like that suck, I know from experience, and adding burnout from trying to push through them would be the opposite of helpful. Heart 
KyoukiSumeragi's avatar
I came for StupidFox but I stayed because I am constantly impressed at how talented your art is in any chosen genre/style. I hope to see you come back soon <3
S-and-K's avatar

Get yourself right, and we fans can wait for your art and comics. They are worth the weight.

Joachim-Berger's avatar

Perfectly fine. Go with your flow.

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Sorry to hear you've been having such a hard time, Emily. I've missed your streams and everything else along with StupidFox. Maybe again some day. I'll do my best to keep an eye on what you're up to other places in the mean time!

eychanchan's avatar

Thank you DerLind :hug: And thank you for always stopping by my streams whenever I so stream!

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Take all the time you need, your mental health is more important than updates. Just know you're an incredibly talented artist and we love your work.
GodRules311's avatar
God bless! Hope you are better soon :hug:
Eyes-Turned-Skyward's avatar
I just want to say, I've been following your art for a while now. StupidFox may have been the start of your skill, but I've seen some of your sketches, portraits, and general art over the last year or so, and I'm extremely pleased, impressed, and happy with the progress you're making. 

Life is hard sometimes. Take the time for yourself, and continue to create the art you think is fun :)
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You have to take care of yourself first, always. *hugs you gently* Take as long as you need, sweetie. It wasvery thoughtful of you to post/let us know what's going on. I hope you continue to rest and take care of yourself. Don't rush your recovery. *more hugs* Be well, and thank you for all the StupidFox you've given us. I hope we'll receive more some day, but don't stress yourself about it. I will give my StupidFox plush extra hugs just for you~
KittyrinnAiko's avatar
I can wait. Just don't make me wait forever. I want to see more adventures.

I had an adventure today. I drive up to the bank, get out of my car, lock the door - there's an old man who just came out of the bank - surely he saw me get out of my car, and while I'm standing right by my car, he goes around me and goes like he's going to put the key to his car in the door of my car. I'm standing there staring daggers at him as if to impart WTF to him without actually saying anything. He stands there looking at my car, realizes something is wrong, goes around to the back of the car, stairs at the trunk, and then finally goes to his car. I'm driving a Grand am, he's driving a clunky old stationwagon. The onlything similar is the color. 0.o
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Honestly fam I love anything and everything you produce.
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Thank you so much :glomp: remake !

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Take your time... when or if StupidFox comes back we'll be here. I'm more interested in your cool art style and you being healthy.
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