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:heart: Hello, it has been a while! I hope everyone has been doing well :heart:

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little star I have some new "At the Moment" comics - a series that I'll be rebooting! Enjoy these 7 new comics for the price of some fancy coffee. You get all 7 comics with a one-time fee. These comics feature some stylistic changes from my previous ones, but you can still check out my other AtM comics Here.

I’m hoping to do a few more of these comics in the future. The stories in these “At the Moment” comics are based on true events and are a series I’ve been doing for years (since around 2005). With silly moments and random thoughts that fuel my inspiration, this series has always been like a look into my journal. These 7 new comics are ideas that I had written down for a while that I had been meaning to draw, but had not yet had an opportunity to.

little star I was commissioned by DeviantArt for their Premium Galleries campaign to create this bundle. I chose to draw some ideas that I had set aside, and their campaign gave me the opportunity to draw comics again. I have dealt with depression for a while which stopped me from drawing comics, so when DeviantArt came to me with their campaign, it sparked my interest in comics again and I realized I had a lot of fun while creating them. I still have more ideas that I am hoping to draw in the future, and if I do draw them, they will be released with my usual, free content.

As a content creator, I like that DeviantArt offers options to monetize work without a monthly commitment or subscription system like Patreon. I can see this being used for other content creators who want to sell bundles of vectors, stock images, brush packs, tutorials, etc. You can find out more about Premium Galleries here:

:heart: Thanks for your consideration, your understanding, and for your support! :heart:

little star For those wondering what happened to StupidFox, you can find my previous journal entry here.

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Sorry, I'll probably won't use it: if I pay I do so to get art done for me, like a commission, not to see art normally. Unless it's NSFW, in that case I may be tempted, but the damn inquisition here doesn't allow it! :grump: