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little star Finished a few new StupidFox Comics that will be coming out, starting December 27th!

:shrug: or :dunno: For some reason, I can no longer post to because it keeps giving me errors*, but they'll always be available to view here on DeviantArt, or on the Facebook Page at .

*EDIT: Nevermind, I guess the .net site is working afterall, lol


I know it took me a while to get back into drawing comics, and I'm hoping that I can start doing it again because I have been accumulating a pile of ideas. Between the comics and the paintings, my posts are going to look very inconsistent, ;P but I've always liked doing a variety

of stuff and finding enjoyment in just drawing.

Fox emoji - Christmas! Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and a (better) New Year! Fox emoji - Christmas!

:heart:Thank you for your continued support :heart:

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Are u ever gonna make a book