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What a Deel

By eychanchan
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My friend wanted a Deer & Eel creature. So I gave her a Deel wink grin
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i was thinking Eel-o-monster
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I liked it so much I had a friend of mine make D&D stats for it. :D
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Badum tssssss.
This is really cool and really scary. O_o
I love it.
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Whoaaa!What a deal!:lol: :D
Awesome creature!
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A magical creature
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I have a deal - this for manbearpig. Deal?
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Reminds me of this:  Megalotl? Axoloceras? Mexalotleras? by EvilSaintGood
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A brother from another mother :wow:
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Whoa, that is close! I love Megalotlceraseras... :lmao:
They should be best friends :D
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Best friends till the end! Headcanon accepted! :iconbrofist1plz::iconbrofist2plz:
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I want it. I want one. Where do I get such a great deel? 
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Very nice, giving it coral antlers :lol:
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man thats freaky
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EEEeeeeeehhh a pun! Really cool looking combo too.
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This is a big deel!  And awesome!
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This is genuinely pretty badass actually.

If you have fun doing these funky designs you might want to try and get a job in graphic design for alien creatures. All of your deigns strike a balance in morbidness.
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This would be the missing link if mammals evolved from dinosaurs.
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What a beautifully executed visual pun. This is incredible.
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This is actually adorable and I would pay for a plush version lol
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It's a Morayndeer!
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You gave her quite the Deel!
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