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Warcraft Fanart - Horde

Characters from World of Warcraft ©Blizzard

Orc - My friend Kelly, AKA "Dhamon"
Tauren - Me. The cow o_o AKA "Aeyra" and my pet lion which.. kelly got for me :heart:
Undead - Patrick, AKA "Momokan" <--lololol~

Wtf. titles eat my brains out. -_-;
Spent two days on this:
Day one: 8 PM to 4 AM
Day two: 10 AM to 5 PM
And through those times, I havent eaten anything -_-; arghrhfgerjfg~ whatever.
I wish I could have done better ._.
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© 2006 - 2021 eychanchan
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woooooooo! love it
xXGreenWolvesXx's avatar
woah! i love the tauren (adds to faves)
Stork-Of-Storm-Hawks's avatar
--FLAIL-- For the Horde. --Salutes the War Chief and Lady Sylvannas Windrunner--


I totally think I butchered her name. --Shrugs-- xD

But! VERY nice!! I love it!!
ILTBY's avatar
I mostly play Ally, but I love this composition.

Also, really jealous you managed to get Humar :p I have Sian Rotam, but I'd prefer Humar.
Cheezen's avatar
Cool! Love the orcs helm, looks so pwny!
winters-wolf's avatar
yay for taurens! xD
winters-wolf's avatar
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yatta taurens!! X3
blizary's avatar
mate u play wow??
Razelly's avatar
Bane-Of-Sane's avatar
Horde rocks, Alliance is gay. What server do you play?


Haha, that rhymed but I didnt mean to do that. XD
Spartan144's avatar
Warcraft is Awesome, I love this pic!
devlin93's avatar
omg xD i had a cow, Blackspot, on doomhammer, nd i had that lion too, from the barrens.. at.. that tree.. or the other tree xD like.. omg xD lol.. this totally made no sense at all xD.. lovely :)
dragongod140's avatar
kool i had no idea you were into Wow ^.^
rklover7109's avatar
Oh, wait! I should comment about the picture, shouldn't I? Oops.

Well...the color is so pretty...And the helmet is uber cool. The eyes of the Orc is cool too. *gazes*
rklover7109's avatar
I had a Tauren Druid attack me once in Astranaar.

I used Psychic Scream....Yay! :D

(I love waving to Horde <3)
KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL for the HORDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NebulousFrog's avatar
:D! This makes me really, really want to scream FOR THE HORDE! Pure awesomeness. Crazy detail and atmosphere you got goin' here
FlyMonarch's avatar
Yay, WoW! :D ''For the Horde!''

I love it! :D Especially the Undead, and the 'Lion' ;)
LaxDrake's avatar
tauren hunters rule ^^

but anywho awsome pict =D
InvisibleRainArt's avatar
yay!! :w00t: WoW!! ^^ beautiful art!~
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