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Tutorial: Study and Improvement

By eychanchan
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There comes a time where every artist sees something someone else has created and is either extremely inspired or extremely let down. I found myself conflicted though when I told myself "I'm good enough" but at the same time, kept looking at other people's work and asking, "Why can't I do that?" Well, maybe it was because I basically kept drawing the same thing over and over.

I don't usually do tutorials (Though this isn't exactly a "drawing" tutorial, haha), but I see this problem so much with other artists, including myself, who want to improve. If you enjoying drawing in a certain style, that's completely okay, too! But if you constantly find your work inadequate and want to improve and be able to draw other things, you will need to learn.

You're going to see a LOT of tutorials out there: How to draw hands, how to draw hair, how to draw clothing folds, how to draw butts, etc. They are all great--if you already know the basics of drawing. Otherwise, all this information can be very overwhelming. Save them for later, take them into consideration, but avoid overloading yourself with too much information.* Set your priority to focus on one or two primary things at a time, for a set amount of time (1 week? 1 month? Depends on what you're trying to learn and your learning pace)

I'm very sorry if this tutorial comes off as "learn to draw realistically" but the idea behind it was that I, specifically and personally, wanted to learn a more realistic way of drawing. For someone else, it could be learning to draw animals or cartoons. But the idea would be the same where if you want to learn it, you'd need to actually look at and learn from references (thus the "drawing what you see"). For example, once you learn anatomy and how it works, your existing work evolves around these newly learned ideas. Artists who are aspiring to make the push to improve will find that there are so many ways to go about doing it.

There is no wrong way to draw or study art. There are tons of tutorials out there and this is just another one that someone may or may not find useful, or relatable.

:star: References and Additional Tutorials:
Reddit, LearnArt (
PoseManiacs Anatomy Reference: (
Anatomy References and Stock: SenshiStock
Advanced & Specific References: STUDIOBLINKTWICE

:star: Artists who have helped me and provided advice:
:iconcataclysm-x: :iconadelair: :iconalejadraws:

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Yes, but you need the focus for your personal target and strict follow it. Else you lose your skill for drawing this. In my case, I lose the focus of doing art or find a way to draw something. I still like to draw something, but I don't know what I want to draw or how it should look. Because there is no longer a perspective for me how I could handle it or kind of view to the topic of art. Reason is so well known, you have seen the possibility of the other artist, the technique is so much complicated or the imagination vs your best practice doesn't fit what it is really frustrate.

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On the other hand, you go to relax while you draw something. You are always at the mercy of a fiction by them own 'cause the expectation itself is a kind of personal fiction / imagination. This's the reason why so many people going into a frustration or build their own reality. They can't accept that their own mind is a prank on them. The only way is simply to approach the topic of art in a relaxed and humorous way, because with more serious and goal-oriented thoughts you quickly embark on an odyssey which it could be endless.

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I like the honesty of this tutorial. Its candidness and modesty highlights the importance of the message. This is my first time seeing a relaxed lesson like this online.
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BUT: It's important to know in which art style you want draw.
Because you try hard draw like CGCookie although you have an other art style which you can better show.
The art as means of expression know different shapes and ways to show one thing in many different ways.
My art style go strong into the Consturctivism but I am not sad. It is so and I live with this knowledge.

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I agree that art is a form of expression and it ultimately depends on the artist to choose the method that they choose to express themself. The greatest benefit an artist can do is study the building blocks that make up one's craft. Studying from life can benefit any artist, whether looking at light, color, or shape. Especially in design-based art--there's shape psychology and color psychology. The basics are for everyone to learn and they give the artist the toolset which can be applied to any art form. The style is born from how the tools are applied.
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I'll certainly have to keep all of this in mind for the future. Thank you for sharing! 
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Congrats on the DD! <3
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Congrats on you an amazing tutorial! 
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Very nicely done!!
Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)
For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz
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You're welcome! :love:
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Congratulations on the Daily Deviation!!! :iconflyingheartsplz:Love:iconflyingheartsplz:
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You're very welcome!!! :tighthug:
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A lot of this is nothing new, but that is not really criticism since they are universal points that should be hammered in; but I would dare say the second panel is if not unique, then as close as may be.
I get so tired of seeing artists, regardless of their accomplishments, devaluing their own effort and feeling miserable for it.

I would not say my work is good - I don't think anybody with any degree of self-criticism, regardless of actual skill level, would say their work is simply "good" without addendum. But I must concede that it is sufficient for most things I want to do and enjoy, and that the raw grinding spent breaking down and understanding things I do not enjoy as much has been and will remain time well spent. Anything else would just be dishonest.
At least on my part, that was a struggle to admit. It feels very good seeing others get a push in the right direction.

Well done, and thank you for sharing.
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great tutorial and congrats on DD :hug:
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