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StupidFox - 85

Enjoy, with consideration.


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00RockerOn's avatar
Some people just don't appreciate rain...
Priveto4ka's avatar
Splishy Splish Splash!
Ecoro's avatar
I was half expecting him to fall into an unexpectedly deep puddle leading to atlantis. oh well me and my overactive imagination. :D
story57's avatar
We need more minds like you
MonBon16's avatar
Raccoon looks so done with everything
Shaiell's avatar
Poor raccoon.... JAJAJAJAJAJA
vintricktive's avatar
This is so cute, I sorta hate it XD
StupidFox Ermahgerd Love Y U So Cute!?!
crochetkitty29's avatar
Did the exact same thing to my sister, was walking around in the rain puddles, shew as behind me, then I stomped on the biggest puddle and made her get all muddy XD I love this comic so much, shows my life with my sister.
SarcasticLeaves's avatar
Raccoon:heart:! So adorable!
Konai-Neto's avatar
I am strongly reminded of an incident with my eldest and myself, about six months ago. XD
Angelheartdream's avatar
So a fox is a happy raccoon?
Mirka-Dragon's avatar
It's so cute it hurtssssss!! :love:
CearyAuryn's avatar
animeisters's avatar
Do you make these little comics like this one and Death Note ones on a website I would like to know if you could tell me if this is true.
wolfheart2350's avatar
little raccoon looks happy about getting wet :D
Kaito3's avatar
is very funny :·3
iiibrokeyhu's avatar
It looks like Racoon is enjoying it :)
LucianoC's avatar
OH, the joke is that the fox is retarded!!! Hahahaha, is retarded!
cdr4bear's avatar
Poor raccoon.

Cute fox...
Wonderful short
startheeevee2's avatar
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