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but wait if he controls himself WHO CONTROLS HIM?
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How this strip works and the comic number go together disturbingly well.
Are you referring to how 8 is 3+it's mirror image or something else?
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I don't even know why I posted that. I don't even see the relation now.
All I know is that "83" looks like a cat face
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Rule 83
There's always another version with the opposite gender out there.

Yeah...  I'm not seeing the correlation now :U
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That's Rule 63.

I remember the relation. "83" is the face Stupid is making in the first and last panel.
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Oh... yeah, forgot xD
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Ha, found this comic a while ago, and I was instantly hooked! Love your art! Especially this one, just so wacky but hilarious!
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This has a deep message about society, I think.
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good work it´s cuuuteeeee
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someone can explain to me why this fox makes me remember pokemon? :/
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Inception? O-o
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mini s.f.:"what the-?!"
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My brain broke, damnit.
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I want to do that!
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