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Ever have a dream that felt so real that you could have sworn it was?


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Spiritwolf2006's avatar
I think I have had a dream where it feels real. but it's not.
00RockerOn's avatar
He can even defy gravity in his sleep!
Earnestwriter's avatar
True true, I have a fear of what other people think of me so im scared of going outside and if i do i feel like im dreaming...
Player-056's avatar
Yes! If fact I remember standing on the dream sidewalk and thinking "Is this real?"
juanito316ss's avatar
LordBlackTiger666's avatar
StupidFox : OMG ! I can fly !!
Gem-paw's avatar
hahaha a flying fox!! :) 
Moonlight8837's avatar
i had a VERY weird dream once, i was flying on a hoverboard, i knocked over a few billboards and some police cars on a mountain forest... O-o, so then garfield, odie and i were about to go into their ( garfield and odie )'s house but i woke up.
PurrpleTiger's avatar
i had a dream that mickey mouse and the roadrunner (the one with wile coyote) took over my house ;-;
Exzandez's avatar
Heh, mine was so freakin weird nobody would believe :d And so long cause it took 2 nights to see the whole dream ._. Plus I still felt like it's not yet finished. But it was a dream so I can't really remember it. You know, you remember the dream, when you're dreaming and in the second when you wake up but not later :d It was something with some house, some girl that got lost, some quest of finding something, some... wolves? humans? I can't remember. Ah and also a tribe of humans that live with the nature or sth. Or maybe they took the girl? I don't remember ;-; And there was a... canyon? So weird. Plus once, years ago I dreamed about a day in my school. Few days later I had some real deja vu and was like (wtf, I've seen this before).
PurrpleTiger's avatar
i dream things then they actually happen later like all the time xD

mostly things like what we're having for dinner and what I'll find on the new things to buy shelf
fictionalheart's avatar
"Ever have a dream that felt so real that you could have sworn it was?"
why yes , then I took the blue pill and kept it hat way ;D
KaySavage's avatar
I have but it always hurt when I woke up. >: Because real life is sadder.
sweetymimy22's avatar
Why are balloons around his belly ?? >:/
AGoodTimey's avatar
yes... and funnily enough it was about ordering somthing on deviantart...
PhysicistEarthPony's avatar
I have nightmares about war. I've never been to war or been near a war.
bo23bobad6's avatar
ye... i had such a dream a couple days ago... but it's to explicit and too 18-plus to share it o)-(o
Wanderer619's avatar
lopsidelibby's avatar
i have dreams where I'm killed by a tornado. 
weeya1's avatar
I had a dream where I could fly and when I woke up, I had the feeling that I could LITTULERY fly. Throughout that day, I secretly treed to make myself fly.

And you know what?

Reality stinks.

Fella Sad 
Huggi9's avatar
I had a dream where I died... biggest WTF moment when I woke up.
Kazene-Ame's avatar
Me too, what a mindfuck O.O
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