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Being at a restuarant or bakery really doesn't help the 'fat' argument :D

[Holy crap it rhymes... ]



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Shots fired!

Shots fired!
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I approve of the fox.
What-lies-Unknown's avatar
That fox is literally me when nobody wants the food. XD
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Why are they fighting over who's fat?
I would expect them to fight over who is NOT fat.
But I guess that's the point.
RavenclawPotterhead4's avatar
they're "fighting" over who's fat because most women lately have been pounding into their own brains that they are fat and apparently fat is the worst possible thing anyone could be (even though it's not) and so that's the joke. women seem to almost want to hear that they're fat because they keep convincing themselves that they're fat.
LtTora's avatar
So I assume your going to be a fox fur.  Never tell a woman she's fat, especially if your a furry animal.
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00RockerOn's avatar
Seems reasonable.
MK-Empress's avatar
Why are they arguing about who's the fattest? I thought women didn't like being fat.
Haildean's avatar
because society is dumb as fuck considering girls at my school who have perfectly healthy bodys say their fat I think we can chalk it up to societal "values" ...meanwhile I'm overweight due to thyroid problem
MK-Empress's avatar
Calm down. Just because people LOOK healthy, doesn't mean they ARE healthy...
Haildean's avatar
I know I know I just feel this slight tinge of anger when someone who looks healthy weight wise says their fat in over words I am not the right type off person to confront these people
MK-Empress's avatar
That is actually a naturally response of a lot of people. They seem skinny, and look just fine, but they say their fat. I don't have that problem.
peachubun's avatar
wellll you don't understand women at all xD
MK-Empress's avatar
But I am a woman, yet I don't get it...
Pete-Puma's avatar
Thank you so much...I forsee many free desserts in my future...
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The-One-Free-Man82's avatar
Holy cow, since when did that fox start talking?! Extreme OMG 
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