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Actually, it looks like it's going to rain today D:
...Free showers?! ...Anyone? ... Eh, I was supposed to go to the beach today too... maybe a bath while I'm at it >_> ... A very sandy one...



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Better-Name-Pending's avatar
an...interessting opinion about rain...
thetwistedsamurai's avatar
This is actually really nice. StupidFox can be oddly wise sometimes.
bluelotus7art's avatar
Aww yes! I totally agree with you X3
ArtJournal77's avatar
Actually smart and optimistic
paintful23's avatar
They remind me of 

Only naruto fans know what I mean Naruto (Laughs) [V1] 
NagatoTakashi's avatar
I like these animationsyou make
00RockerOn's avatar
Might as well use the weather to get clean! XD
MK-Empress's avatar
You know, rain water dirty. You know that, right...?

Need any soap?
rain water is clean, when it hits the ground it gets dirty since DIRT(as in DIRTY) is on the ground
MK-Empress's avatar
Puns! I love them!
PastelRibbonsxx's avatar
Wait don't go to the beach
The ocean is natures toilet >_>
TeslaSpark's avatar
Rain is nature's shower!
fishkernator's avatar
It's raining right now where I am.
b33sandun1corns's avatar
awww they're talking, so cute :) 
Pheenixorphan's avatar
Time to whip out the soap. Onionhead bath time - Onion head 
Earnestwriter's avatar
Well thats not stupid...
Nightshade2003's avatar
EXACTLY! why don't people undestand that?!?!?!?
Pix-Cali-Tropic's avatar
Maybe we're all just too used to indoor bathroom showerheads these days...?
The-Honest-John's avatar
Should I be impressed or not?
Shadic1522's avatar
the fox isnt wrong
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