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StupidFox - 21a


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(Yes, I know the numbering is off. My fault for altering it in the first place :XD: )


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00RockerOn's avatar
Eh, what's up doc? (Actually, this would have been better for the trampoline one...)
MK-Empress's avatar
How?.................................................. How did the bunny get on the fox's back?
Lonly-packof1only's avatar
Nightshade2003's avatar
damn that bunny tho
The-Honest-John's avatar
Fox rabbit ... how interesting.
Pablonister's avatar
Hehehe, makes me remember of Zootopia
Bunnaroo's avatar
Among those things you don't think you'll ever say to your children: "Okay, let's try this again, and this time without the bunny ears..."
juanito316ss's avatar
The bunny was controlling him all along. :XD:
arisuferret's avatar
C-blaze21's avatar
This really is cute. 
panthiscan1's avatar
The most majestic creature of all 030
RebeccaAlexa's avatar
I think this one is my favorite of all the fox one's I've seen so far. :lol:
watanukikun's avatar
That rabbit is controlling him!
NeoniZigzagoon's avatar
I Wanna try that ~ Neonizigzagoon 2014
Snowlynx46's avatar
bunny ears! I do that to people sometimes, but I use my fingers ^^
louisejeanllanito's avatar
it look like a dear fox
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