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StupidFox - 180

Expect different opinions on different themes.


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KoboldPrincess's avatar
The worrywart of the party is the one not scared of monsters. 
Crystallink's avatar
I'm the bunny XD
Spiritwolf2006's avatar
Forgot the link to the next one.
(Just gonna say this each time I find a page and there is a next one.
Just so people don't think it's the end of it for a while.)
Lukesginger's avatar
I just found this little comic fox, and I love it! The characters are so cute, it's like a representation of my 2 friends and I! I am the little fox, my small cute shy friend is the bun, and my 'whatever' laid back friend is the little raccoon! I love it, it's perfect and cute! 
DickButtInk2WeBack's avatar
is the story just that the animals watched a sppook? you coulda done thatwithout the bars
JolieanaJones's avatar
im the raccoon 
TotallyN0tAnArtist's avatar
Theirs a hand on the Racoon's shoulder...

Should we fear for his life?
Xenothekid's avatar
I looked a bit closer, it's actually his own hand.
TotallyN0tAnArtist's avatar
Huh. But wait, how can he get his hand on its own shoulder like that?
Even if he's a racoon I don't think it's possible.
Dibullba's avatar
Your mind is playing tricks on your perception. The hand is in the foreground in which it is meant to be pressed against his cheek. But because the hand is colored as black, your mind wants it to be further back. Bright colors move towards the foreground and dark colors towards the background is how we prefer to view things.
TotallyN0tAnArtist's avatar
Huh. I didn't think of that. by SuperLucario64  
Viper-X27's avatar
The raccoon is all: "These effects are so fake. I've seen better effect in Flash animation."
StupidRacc00n's avatar
MATE THEY WERE FAKE, terrible films am I right?..
MajinBros's avatar
Yes I too get frightened while watching a horror movie. Haha what a great social commentary.
ChatLunatique's avatar
...and I'm the porcupine in the row behind them stage whispering "Don't go out in The Fog" and giggling uncontrollably.   My friends hate to go to horror movies with me.:iconfoxwhoopsplz: 
I-found-a-carrot's avatar
Heh, I'm the same except mostly with romances and tragedies. I usually end up laughing when there are emotional moments and ruin the experience for my friends.

just like when I ruined a webtoon for my friend by playing a kazoo on my phone in the background during a reunion between a guy and his girlfriend.  
Marobun's avatar
These are so cute <3
Dragonstar1278's avatar
lol at Racoon's unimpressed expression. XD
Cyberphaser's avatar
I don't get it.
nuuuuuu63's avatar
lol nuuu the poor bunny there so scared X3
sometjgdf's avatar
I liek the fox and da ribit
FoxyBrush's avatar
rushfox590's avatar
Guess, who watches this movie twice?
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