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StupidFox - 172

By eychanchan
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It's not hard to fit in when you're with true friends.

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JadelementalStudent General Artist
now im imaginnning like the fox is too stupid to know that the other fox are complimenting him but he's too stupid to realize that they're actually complimenting him lol
MyPhotographsOfLife's avatar
MyPhotographsOfLifeHobbyist Photographer
Thank fox for true friends! 
FoxGaming1647's avatar
FoxGaming1647Hobbyist General Artist
I know how it feels to be made fun of. It wasn't pleasant on my last day of my senior year.
NeoZul's avatar
NeoZulStudent Digital Artist
my attempt to make friends
H3lorenzo's avatar
That's so true with any other race who sees an "outsider" of the same race.
Marobun's avatar
MarobunHobbyist Digital Artist
The other foxes look like they had plastic surgery, who's calling StupidFox stupid?!
Spiritwolf2006's avatar
Spiritwolf2006Hobbyist Traditional Artist
They're the stupid ones.
Stupidfox looks adorable.
Those ones kinda creep me out tbh.
teslashark's avatar
teslasharkHobbyist Digital Artist
They have human faces
IndigoWizard's avatar
IndigoWizardHobbyist Digital Artist
It is the first, not last word of Stupid fox's name that describe who he fits in with
KonaTat's avatar
KonaTatHobbyist Artist
Aaaaaahhhh!!!! HELP!! ME!! (icon)  This is just beautiful!
dafk189's avatar
Seeing those mean foxes my response is "I want an angry mob armed with pitchforks and torches to punish them!"
DonellaTimbers's avatar
DonellaTimbersHobbyist Traditional Artist
YES! WE SHALL BURN DA BULLY FOXES! Atomic Cock  Or just tell them stop in really loud voices Noisy fella (Works) 
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Thenamesred's avatar
ThenamesredHobbyist Traditional Artist
dis is so so cute :D
SoulShirt's avatar
SoulShirtHobbyist Writer
This is so cute!
PoisonousTiger's avatar
PoisonousTigerHobbyist Writer
That is so true! People who will make fun of who you are, aren't really worthy of being your friends anyway.
XxRoxasLoverxX's avatar
This made me all happy inside. So cute! 
Anthro-animals-rule's avatar
Wow, out of all the awesome stupid fox comics I have seen, I love this one the most. This one has the most feels! :)
BnGJessie's avatar
:love: i think this one is my favorite.
Tshadowangel's avatar
TshadowangelHobbyist Artist
Stupid Fox should be titled as Freindful Fox.

(wut friendful not a werd)
FoxBoyKonogo's avatar
FoxBoyKonogoHobbyist Traditional Artist
there are good foxes and bad foxes 

the bad ones are jerks Nana, look what I have and you dont! 

the good ones are nice and friendly and just wants be  friends Hug 

sorry if it dosen't make sense 
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TheWhiteRose000Hobbyist General Artist
Story of my life.
Sweet-Gem's avatar
Sweet-GemHobbyist Artist
I'm sure many people can relate to this. I know I can. > <
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