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It was a trap.



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That's terrible.

RavenclawPotterhead4's avatar
his face in panel 3 kills me XD 
RavenclawPotterhead4's avatar
the fox's face in the 3rd panel is hilarious XD
SMDKFan's avatar
that wasn't nice lady, the little girl was just sharing her ice cream, didn't need to hit him.
Cyberphaser's avatar
My thoughts exactly.
00RockerOn's avatar
Yup. No Admiral Ackbar to warn us this time.
WhiteCrystal1st's avatar
Grievous72's avatar
I would take the fox as a pet if it came up to me like this
PapierowySzczur's avatar
Not good idea. They're quite messy and they mark their territories. Not to mention that they never get fully domesticated.
cyberneticwolf's avatar
thats an endgagered species angry blonde lady owo peta will have your ponytail for harming its cuteness XD
NimbleFlourish's avatar
Peta kills more animals than it saves though.
cyberneticwolf's avatar
-w- don't ruin the joke please . . .  I don't have a lot of good ones.
OreoPupi's avatar
omg. im gonna go kill that mother
PapierowySzczur's avatar
What if she was saving fox from chocolate?
OreoPupi's avatar
its too late the fox already licked it
PapierowySzczur's avatar
at least he didn't eat more.
tigerwolf54's avatar
Lonly-packof1only's avatar
... weird how i can relate X3
Aang10's avatar
Poor little fox.
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