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StupidFox - 161

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Remember to live in both physical and digital worlds.

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hahaha XD So true! I've seen so many people only paying attention to their phones. Man i'd love to see a fox walk up to me! No way i wouldn't notice the little fox.
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Never related to a 4 panel comic any more than i do right now.  Sums up the western, and much of the eastern world.
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b-but i'm reading this... on an electronic device.
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Since they're all on their phones and don't notice him, Fox thinks that he's dead and a ghost

poor forest doggo
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awww, poor thing! HAHAH
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Fox please, they're just games
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At first I didn't understand the joke... then it hit me and I was like "oooohhh" xD
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I don't think I do get it... help?
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He's a fox wandering in the city, he gets close to people but they're so distracted by their cellphones that they don't even notice him so the poor fox thinks he is dead/a ghost and that's why no one sees him xD
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world of today. Poor fox
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This one hit home for me...thanks for the reminder! (Seriously, thanks...) ^^;
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Awww... I just want to cuddle her in the last panel. :tighthug:
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*him :)
Thanks for correction.
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Everyone's too busy playing Pokémon GO
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For some reason, the humans are so chill despite there being an ADOABLE fox looking at their phones.
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Welcome to the real world, where everyone is addicted to drugs, rap(e)ing, alchahol, smoking and internet, including phones!
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Poor Fox. He watched The Sixth Sense and now he thinks he's Bruce Willis. =(
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