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theBluYu's avatar
Not even a minute... XD
00RockerOn's avatar
Of course he was just sleep-sitting...
cyberneticwolf's avatar
Raccoon is such a good buddy XD
MK-Empress's avatar
The ticking and tocking of the clock always puts me to sleep. 
Lonly-packof1only's avatar
b33sandun1corns's avatar
I just love these :3
shadowninjaneko's avatar
If only it was that easy...T^T
Nightshade2003's avatar
wow, 0.0000000000000000000000001 seconds! NEW RECORD! 
theBluYu's avatar
Actually, that's more like 47 seconds... XD
AnneCullen3's avatar
xD fast sleeper 
juanito316ss's avatar
It was a well-invested time, I guess. xD
ShadowSlyIX's avatar
Raccoon: Okay why are you staring at that clock?- seconds later -Not responding huh? Alright I'll sit with you then.- seconds later -Okay it's not even been a minute and your sleeping. I'll leave you be.
Aleu20's avatar
The third panel is so cute!!! ^-^
matthew515's avatar
not even a minute
Daphneysilly's avatar
he might have lasted a minute, we don't know how long he was there before raccoon found him
redtail15's avatar
lol iv done that before when i was little me and my friend stood there for 10mins.  
10mins of my life that i will never get back :( 
Zika808's avatar
ekkiart's avatar
Sorry I spelt that wrong ( damn auto correct)
ekkiart's avatar
Raccoon: Stupidfox what time is it?
Stupidfox: ... Nap timeNap time
Crazycoconut191's avatar
that's like me at school XD
Derpywhooves109w's avatar
kittykittyey's avatar
that's so damn cute!
WingedSheWolf's avatar
they are so alike!
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