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StupidFox - 1

First/Introduction to StupidFox (and Raccoon :3)
...An update for now! Will probably update again with #2 next week or so~



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:D poor racoon 
These comics are cute and they make me smile. Good work!
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Fun little series ya got here! :)
00RockerOn's avatar
Wow. Didn't know Foxes were scavengers too.
LogosandPathos's avatar
this was hilarious!
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Lenny Eyebrow Wiggle 
omg its adorable xDDDDDDDD 
cyberneticwolf's avatar
Aw poor raccoon come on foxy share.
Louisetheanimator's avatar
So this is the first ever Stupid Fox sketch! I believe this was the beginning of a Deviantart classic. ^^
And facebook too!
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I've only read three and I'm already a huge fan.
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Poor raccoon.
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Adorable but is the fox male or female? :o
MajaKetchum's avatar
Hm, how so? Fox is confirmed to be a boy.~
0rangedrink's avatar
I don't think it's mentioned
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