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That awkward moment when you can't say "no" when someone offers you something.
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In the last panel it looks like he realized he had a problem.
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i would totally do that face
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It looks more like win win situation to me.

He handed me that drink.What I supposed to say "No" and get him fired.
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I have no witty retort to the punch line but this was a cute comic.
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That last panel. XD
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I meaaaan, it would totally be impolite to not drink it... soooo, just to be polite and all.
lol Great little comic strip!
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happens to me every time.
Wasn´t me... the waiter gave it to me.
Aaand no one believes you.
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Omg, brilliant! :D
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This is why you have a designated driver.
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:iconlaughsplz: Welcome to the Hotel California~
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I never went to the bar before-- now I know I could never leave!
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Never turn down free stuff as long as it isn't poisoned!
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Actually, yes I can refuse.
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Hahahaha XD... So accurate
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especially when it's FREE FREE FREE XDDD
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