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I am not jealous what are you talking about [Listens Aggressively]


:star: If you like electronic/dance/nu-disco music, you can listen to his amazing music on YouTube and be not-jealous with me:


[Edit] : Please feel free to suggest and/or link to similar music in the comments if you have any! :D


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Shelter is my favorite 
ForsakenStrange's avatar
Yerp. That's how I felt when I first heard Melanie Martinez.‎
modernsonic1223's avatar
definitely something!!
eternalsailorchaos's avatar
Ain't that me on like literally all aspects or something? :-/
when i look at the angry face, it reminds me of Lunk from cyanide and happiness.
ailemacarol9's avatar
Madeon is my absolute favoriiiiite ughhh
I'm buying his new album soon =w=
eaglebaize's avatar
Dat feel, doe T____T lol
Acidbl00d's avatar
woah indeed good :O
starchildpng's avatar
Yeah, Madeon is so good!
PorcelainMorsels's avatar
This is me except with Mozart (his early work). Waaaah! 
lilfixit's avatar
I like the "not ipod"
Hysteria98's avatar
Hey, there have been prolific Flash animators at 13 on Newgrounds for years. If you love what you do...

Could of sworn Madeon was 14 when he made that EP.
deviantYOUNGARTER's avatar
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~You are jealous~~~Yeah,you are jealous~~~~~~~ 
Nappak's avatar
lol me everytime it plays
Acellan's avatar
Every time I listen to Panic! at the Disco I feel like this.

jonasgrant's avatar
You know, I feel kinda similar when I watch your comics =/
PilotErick's avatar
No Copyright Sounds
No, really! It is a channel, sort off...

Here, listen this one! My sister showed it to me and it is great! :D…
FizzChan's avatar
Lol, "NOT IPOD" 
LittleChone's avatar
Anyone else think PlayStation 4 needs All Stars Battle Royal?

Think about how awesome that would be!
LittleChone's avatar
PlayStation All Stars Battle Royal is Sony Smash Bros on PS3

... and I love playing it. XD
MasterVule's avatar
hahahaha True XDD It's like "What am I doing with my life!?" XD
Detrimentality's avatar
>:( I hate that I love madeon
Amethyst-Hawk's avatar
Him and Grant Bowtie always astonish me because they're 20 and 16 years old and make better music than 90% of the more popular artists.
Super-Squid's avatar
exactly what i thought when i listened to his songs for the first time (after finding out how old he was)
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