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Mikami Teru

What's sad is... Mikami is my favorite character in Death Note and I rarely draw him. XD or have any good art. It's all been Matt.
How sad.

Well this makes up for it!! I hope. XD
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Yes Mikami is such an underrated character I love him too, btw I love your artwork =^.^= 
Excluding the last episode, I really liked him for some reason. 
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I love those mechanical pencils
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DELETE SUPER FLASHY NOES EMOTE NOO Tard yell FFUUrious Rainbow Shout EXTREME Layzorz XD Extreme yelling plz yelling plz yelling plz 
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Mikami is awesome xD
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^_\\ i love mikami
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amazing i like him too XD
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:D! This looks so good, Teru is my fav as well :3 I think you did great!
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Yay! Awesome! ................... *writes someones name in death note*... delete...
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eyes follow me
Oak: oh shut up he would be cute if he was a hedgehog
me: you and your strange ideas but i guess
Oak: in dream land*
Me and hey maybe he would take a herm who would be desperate for anyone
Oak: *death glare*
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You make me jealous haha. Great job!
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Amazing...I love Mikami too! X3
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Awesome :3 Mikami's my favorite character too, he needs more love!
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Ah! The joys of watching Death Note! I now scour the shelves of all book stores, looking for a book titled 'Death Note' so that I can kill my enemies. -sighs- I love Death Note! :3
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:iconiloveyouplz: it...:squee:
I liked Mikami better before he went totally psycho in the last episode...he didn't look nice after that...:(
(Guess the Death Note does that to you...)
Death Note: It will screw up your smexy bishonen face. :cries:
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