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Matsuda's Rant: Gender Roles

Full/Real Version: [ No Longer Available ]

-- Part 1: Created for purposes concerning Women's roles in Death Note as well as proof by evidence of Mello's gender.
:bulletred: I actually finished this a while back... like... a month back or so... lol... So don't say I lied about not posting anymore because this three-set is probably my last for a while XD

...and because Matsuda = own.

Part 2:…
Part 3:…
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The men in Death Note are strong, intelligent or highly successful... unless they're Matsuda lol XD

Also, Naomi Misora is a freaking badass! Her episode was one of the best!
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You forgot one (unfortunately unpopular) character. Rem! Many people believe Rem is a male, despite it being revealed in the manga that she is a female. Not only because of her appearance, but also because of her personality-- Rem is very smart and strong from her first appearance to her death, and due to the anime's strong gender stereotypes, it leads viewers and readers to believe Rem is a male character. Just had to throw that in there!
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Rem still dies and is made a fool by Light 
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A lot of people were killed and/or made fools of by Light, so it's not really a defining factor.
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Yeah but this is in response to someone saying that she is the exception
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It's because of values dissonance. Japan has different ways to see women. Agree or disagree with it if you want but keep that mind.
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Wow, I didn't realize how different my oc X was to the other girls in my fanfiction. She's a very clever and strong girl. Her partner's death motivates her. She even uses men underestimating her abilities to her advantage.
You're one to talk, Matsuda.
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Omg Mello.. xD

Yeah his gun is.. like.. that Blush emoticon 
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Yay    I'm the 700th commenter!
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It's a shonen manga/anime... What else were you expecting?

Even in the shonen series where this issue isn't blatantly obvious, it stil exists.

But there's some Values Dissonance here. In Japan, they expect women to be obedient, dedicated to their men/family and meek. And bow down to their man. Characters like Misa are actually more liked there because she's all of that PLUS her energetic and cutesy personality, which all of which makes her very appealing for them.

The expectations japanese people have to women might also explain Naomi's scene. Though I bet that if the creators actually did their homework they'd have noticed that it sounds OOC for a non-japanese person to dismiss a woman like that unless they're being sexists.

I bet even they hate Takada, though, but for different reasons. She's far too ambitious, and while japanese people apreciate hard-working people, they absolutely LOATH people who stand out a lot. Plus she's arrogant, which is also a big no-no if you wanted that character to be liked in first place.

Arrogance is only for villains in Japan, and this might even explain why our villain protagonist Light is also arrogant. Though Light apparently is cool while at it, which makes them downplay that trait of his.

And Sayu is a bit character, for gosh's sake! And a normal young girl/adult at that! Were you really expecting her to come out and start kicking some butts (intelectually or otherwise)?

But something I also found funny and interesting for her is that she managed to manipulate her own brother once(no matter how petty the situation was). You know. Her brother. Light Freaking Yagami. The one who's usually pulling the strings and playing everyone like a fiddle. That cemented her as a Bada** in my headcanon. =P


OK, that one wasn't so serious, lol.

I've no defense for Hale, 'cause I haven't arrived to that part yet, though. Same goes for Wedy, whom I just recently saw in her debut.
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In the 8th manga they actually say that Mello's a he.
Can't remember the page though...
Somewhere in the hundreds...
And yes I am fond of "..."...
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Just started the 12th and realized what this was.
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This is the thing I hate most about Death Note, all the goddamn stereotypes! I hated how the US was portrayed, and how all the main women in the series were, in some way, naive and mostly driven by their feelings towards men they loved. I actually liked agent Hal, because she was stronger & smarter than Misa or Takada. Personally, if Mello hadn't had that gun when he confronted her, I think she could have easily taken him down. Also, as opposed to popular belief, Misa isn't stupid. She was just blinded by her adoration for Kira, & her need of some sort of compensation for her parent's deaths. If Misa hadn't become infatuated with Light, I think she could have been a great character, & maybe even a key for catching Kira BEFORE he got a chance to kill L.
.....and as a side note, Matsuda, you don't really have a right to talk about that. You don't even grow any balls until the final confrontation.
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...isn't this discrimination? Or prejudice? Stereotypes?? Seriously,this is far too old...women are not all weak,and useless,but if some people think so,then all of them will. Just saying.
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Hey Misa had a hilarious and great personality, she outsmarted Higuchi and Yotsuba and she even is very helpful to Light. 
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Matsuda like your the one to talk, your as much of a girl as Misa is. :icon34nipahplz:
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Oh my gog yes!!!!
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Wait, Hal Lidner WAS a good female character. Near wasn't calling her weak, he was just stating a fact- men are USUALLY physically stronger than most women, so therefore Mello would pick the person who he felt he could overpower the easiest. But she was a secret service agent for the President, she's definitely not weak! And even though she had feelings for Mello, she still refused to take his or Near's side, meaning she didn't let her emotions get in the way of her job.
I did think the shower scene in the manga was a bit much though... And one good female character doesn't make up for five pathetic ones. So this comic was pretty well spot on. And funny too! I liked it!
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Oh Matsuda, you sweetheart... <3
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