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Fun with StupidFox - Placemat

:star: FREE DOWNLOAD :star: - Free coloring and fun placemat for you to print out, share, and use!

Click the download for the original file size and enjoy!
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Awww foxy. i like it Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

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Great for kids! Emoji17 
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The Fox Restaurant that I mentioned in the past?  I was there and they gave ne to a young customer. who was coloring it in!
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This is absolutely PERFECT!!

Please do make more! :D My kids LOVED it!
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This is super darling and quite a fun thing. :)
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Where are my crayons?! I wanna play with this right now!

:love: Beautiful job on this.
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I almost want to bring this to a resturnant and color it as i eat. You know when you were a kid you used to get table things you could draw on? Well i did and this reminds me of one its great ^.^ Ahhh remembering the younger days
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This is adorable!
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Adding to my family's BBQs on the back of the menu!
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Just promise you buy get a pizzeria or get some animetronics, and im all board.
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*child reads the URL in the corner*  "Mommy, what does 'stupid' mean?"  But very cute idea nonetheless. =P
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Make whole coloring book.
Sell whole coloring book.
I will buy.
Many people buy.
I need Stupid Fox coloring and activity book for my foxlet. :)
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yo I cant find the last diffirence with the bunnies lol
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Yo, I can help!!
1. Stripes with the bowtie
2. The fluffy tail
3. The inside ears
4. The pencil
5. Markings of the paws
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Ahh!! Its tue bow tie that got me! Darnit lol
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Aha, Its tricky true but I dunno its the first one I noticed :00
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I'm printing this for the kids
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took me a while to do the maze 
thank you, that was fun :D
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There is a restaurant near my workplace, a family restaurant called :The Fox", with fox decorations in the place and etched-glass fox pictures in the booth dividers.  Can they use this?
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