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Death Note: The Game Show.

Request from Shaza at [link] :D who has been awesome support and... an awesome e-mail...pal... person. Rofl... :love:

LOL Holy crap, 40 panels @ 1.2+ MB. I'm sorry, Dial-up people.
:iconpeppermint-biscuit: Suggested that I edit the panel-format to a shorter row for easier reading. Luckily, it worked out okay for this one.

Second Note : Don't ask why Light is wearing a Pink tank top. It was requested that he be the hostess. '_' lol...
Questions were taken from SmarterChild who gave out the trivia questions~ I didn't take time to verify them or even think much about it because I was lazy... so I know they're probably wrong and I'm sorry. XD I'm just too lazy to fix them at the moment. I will though when I feel like it :P lol~
... Goddamnit, SmartChild...
[EDIT SEPT 19, 2007] Question Replaced.
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Ah, dear Misa. Looked so bright befor showing her face then lost all braincells once properlyin the story...

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Omg Light’s face in panel 28 is priceless and it made me burst out laughing lol XDDDD
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Lol! I can’t believe that ending though 😂 if only....
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LOL. YES! I can imagine all of their voices. It's great. Good job! Laughing 
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XDXD catches the spirit of most of the caracters
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I feel like Misa's pigtails should go up and down with her emotions....
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OMG!!!!!!!!!! lol lolololololol
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I don't know if it's just my phone being a butt, or if this is serious, but it's too blurry to read! ;-; I'll revisit this on my laptop. ^__^
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Laughing Laugh Laughing Peridot sprite OMG this made smile~Crazy Laughing Peridot - Chat Icon 
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This is so FUNNY!!!
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personally i love Near...
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The 8th final panel's expressions are amazing!
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Hahaha Hilarious!!
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I seriously love every single one of your comics! But hands down, this is the best! I can't stop laughing at this!😂
Worst/Best thing is, I can see this happen xD
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This is the best XD
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xD lol
i'm glad i finally finished watching death note and i actually know these characters now :XD:
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