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Death Note: Likes to Watch.



I'm making you look stuff up in the dictionary! WOO~ KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!


Sorry, :iconkuroineko:, I lied and I finished it early~

...Because I won't have the internet for a WEEK after I move D: DEATH. And then I have to move AGAIN early september for school thus leading to... more lack of internet.

My LJ is up and running again! Or.. I'm uploading with WIPs so if you're interested for whatever reason, [link]
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Light never did sleep with Misa... Madsuda watching killed the mood.

Light is extremely thankful though (he doesn’t want to sleep with Misa because he’s gay).

He does sometimes wish she was a dude so he could have sex with a guy while L watched. Proving he would be the seme with L (he think)

(Meanwhile everyone in Lights school knew he was gay except for a few girls who he dated to look “normal“ to people.

If Light never found the death note and was allowed to be out of the closet he’d become a detective and eventually meet and marry L.