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Death Note: L Gets an Idea.

NOTE [Update December 27, 2010]: OPEN BY CLICKING "Download Image" on top right!

FINALLY !!! :faint:
Aghh this took a while with schoolwork and everything else that;s in my way. Mainly because compared to the last one, I had to draw more in this one. For example, the perspective scene thingy took me like... an hour itself because I couldn't make it look right ><.
Note that the "people" are grey and don't have any distinct features because they're anonymous. It's also just another way of saying that i'm lazy :D
This idea was my friend Dexter's. Also the person who got me the DEATH BOX for my birthday which is on Christmas; a MONTH EARLY. AHAHAHAHAHA!!! ....Yeah so he got the idea because I was forcing him to read Death Note and at a certain chapter, this is discussed. And then he said that he would like to get a paper shredder, throw the Death Note pages in it, and confetti it. Or something. My memory is horrible.
...Anyway you're probably not reading this anymore but I'll keep ranting because I want to.
:omg: RAITO'S ABORTION :omg: Hahaha! That got your attention didn't it?! You want to know what that's all about don't you!?!? WELL MAYBE IT WILL BE IN MY NEXT COMIC. HAHAAHAHA. (Maybe. :3) For sure though, I'll get to drawing the other characters and blah blah blah....

...Oh, and yes I know in the comic it was supposed to be Remu, but Ryuk fills in because of the Apple Addiction. It just makes it easier on me. ...Because I'm lazy.
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found this on youtube and hoo boi im crying


L: haha paper go brrr

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LOVE IT!!!!!!! xD spongebob what the s u c c 
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i seen this before
Well, yeah, but who would pick that up?
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This is beautiful.
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This is what I would do if I had a death note.
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Of course Ryuk would use this opportunity to get more apples.
I love that this is still getting views and comments. Was such a great piece.
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Buhahahahaha! Hilarious!
Does it really never run out of pages? I didn;t know until now and I was wondering...
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Lol that's funny
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Hit download

[the favorite button is above the download button :'P ]
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yup, thats better, haha
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i would totally do something like that:D (Big Grin) 
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He just wanted to have some fuuun D: 

Raito's Abortion?!
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ok thats just adorable
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