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Death Note: Girlfriend.

Light sure is popular.

...I still like Takada more than Misa X: ...

:cries: Oh my god why did DA change their uploadingcategorything again? Quite annoying.

Anyway, everyone can blame Dexter for getting this Avril Lavigne song stuck in my head and then giving me the idea to draw this so I can share the love of annoyance :evillaugh:
...And yes, I shortened the song. Because like hell I'm going to go through the whole thing.
...I had more to say but I forgot.


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I love that look on Light’s face in the last pannel
meloettagirl66's avatar
Also Misa why the heck are you fighting for Light you should be with a guy who would treat you better like L *is an L x Misa shipper*
xThatcrazyCatladyx's avatar
I think this song fits well for the two, lmao xD

this is amazing.
D4rkR4din's avatar
Uhh Ryuk I think you are needed
iAshleyxoxo's avatar
oops the vid isn't available   
Clare-Chan-Now's avatar
Me: *During The Fight, Pops Out Of Nowhere And Takes Light For Myself* XD
smartboy018's avatar
Misa is stronger than Death Note at this point
ImWhatever's avatar
Ugh that song haha xD

Ok who am I kidding I have it on my mp3 shuddup
JustElizabethGames's avatar
Oh wow i forgot all about that song xD ohhhhh good memories
Starhunter7001's avatar
Also, found ypur art after all these years. Love your cute foxies and tiny people (^×^)
FNAFwriterandartist's avatar
I thought he was gonna say: umm she's my sister XD
woodpeltneko's avatar
Also, in the third frame, why is Light looking down?
IanDig's avatar
Girl fight. That's why
woodpeltneko's avatar
I have memorized this song.
It would be better if it had yaoi.
theheartless-one's avatar
i think light likes watch girls fight over him
Photoneyesdragon's avatar
dat last panel doeI am a dummy! 
Kyra2286's avatar
Yeah, I think Takada was better too. Oh well. :shrug:
LilliSkyJennGinBen's avatar
0-0 Singing Girl I forgot your name but you just got punched in the face... You sure you wanna mess with Misa again?
TheRisenChaos's avatar
Takada. Her name's Takada. And she will ALWAYS mess with Misa. ;)
TheRisenChaos's avatar
It's kind of how rivalries between psycho chicks are. :D
LilliSkyJennGinBen's avatar
I'm guessing it would get ugly very quickly...
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