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Death Note: Confusions

o_o omg srsly... XD
I believe this gave me an excuse to have Matt saying "Dude he's so wasted".

Yes. This is why I drew this. Yesssss... :heart:
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keys to the kindom??!!
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Realizes who he is!
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SORA GET HIM! lolz love this. :)
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OMG i'm dying over the KH reference! Dude looks like Marluxia.
-shhinggg- [not plastic]

I'd have shitted myself.
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:giggle: Ah.. good times, good times.
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That's why you shoulden't Drink too much. You'll end up getting your hair pink and getting buttkicked by a kid.
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XD I love this omg <3
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I love how they all look at Mello like aw come on in panel 5, and then all do that evil half smile as he says "NOT WITHOUT THE RIGHT PROCEDURES!" 
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Kingdom Hearts reference? ;)
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KINGDOM HEARTS!!! Mikami you're so screwed. XD
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Mikami looks like Spirit from Soul Eater with his hair dyed!
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OMG I showed my friend this, and she totally understood the reference. LOL
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jeeze thats too good haha
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Drugs are bad, m'kay.
But nobody said that dyeing your wasted friends hair, dressing him up as a evil game character and teleporting him to that game was a bad thing.

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