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Death Note: Braindead.

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Published: May 17, 2007
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If Light was such a great actor, why didn't he just do this instead of being cocky throughout the whole situation and getting in more trouble?


:faint: I've been working on this for a while. Actually I've put it off for a while. I didn't want to color it XD rofl... I think this is the biggest one I made. Maybe. I'm not sure. It's like 40 panels?
Anyway the draft I had was about 30 panels but I just kept cutting or extending it and adding more stuff because Dexter kept making comments.

Anyway, Enjoy! For now o_o... WOO FINALS. :ohnoes:

NOTE! They*did* spell it "Killa" in Chapter 21, Page 98, bottom left panel. Qoute, in the writing, "you know it, killed by Killa, I [...]"
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Light channeling Tamaki (yes, I think Mamoru Miyano voices both)
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smartboy018Student General Artist
Preach Light
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randomuffinHobbyist Digital Artist
pretty much
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CrimsonLapisHobbyist General Artist
Light though.... Who needs a reputation when you're god?
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PitchBlack44Hobbyist General Artist
If this had happened, it would have been so interesting. But I do enjoy this bc its making me laugh.
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PrincessRobocopHobbyist Artist
he should have done this xD
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mangagurl712Student Traditional Artist
if Light (or Ratio) had done this in the anime it would have been more entertaining XD
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And this is how NOT to be caught!
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penguin04Student Digital Artist
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VioletMoon123Hobbyist Digital Artist
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That's what he should've done
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deviantdivergenceHobbyist General Artist
he should have done this. it would have made the manga/anime a whole lot funnier
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silelechanHobbyist Traditional Artist
this could have worked!!!
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But isn't Light one of the top students in Japan? Wouldn't L know something's up?
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silelechanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes you're right of course but wouldn't L have thought to ask what light's normal behaviors were as well as his eating habits when he was questioned by his sister in the first episode with the cameras. If light's sister had noticed something odd, riuzaki would have looked into it.
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What if he staged an accident to fake brain injury?
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FalsetuneHobbyist General Artist
THIS IS TEH GRATEST DAE OF MY LIIIFE!!! oh god im cracking up on that one line
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pinkandpurple13Hobbyist General Artist
Anyone who could have looked up Light's past and tell he was an incredibly intelligent person. If he suddenly acting like this, L would have known something was up. But if Light actually did do this, the series would have been more... entertaining.
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HxC-fiskHobbyist General Artist
this is just beyond amazing! I've loved this for oh so many years and I'll never not laugh when seeing and reading it xD
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jcpeters726Hobbyist General Artist
Smart :3
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MinatoLikesSmoothiesHobbyist Traditional Artist
... genius .U. 
(I love your comics; all of them have me on the floor, laughing!)
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H4ngetsuHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, pretty much. This would've worked much better. LOL LIGHT U TROLL
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