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Aw Nuts

A reminder that these random comics I make are based on true events.
He was eating someone's leftovers and none of us realized or considered that there would be nuts in it. Fortunately though, the ambulance part is made up for the sake of this comic -- he turned out to be okay but we were super worried during the following hour.

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I’m allergic to soy,gluten,dairy.
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GOD DAMIT *takes of headphones and bangs head on wall*...god damit...god damit...god damit....
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cashews are dried fruit
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Did you know that cashews come from a fruit?! 🎵🎶
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Looks like you went NUTS back there ey? You were all like "Aw nuts, Dexter!"
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Even if the comic would have ended in the "oh"-panel I would have still laughed at it
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omg, the pacing is perfect ^^ I'm glad your friend is OK!
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That- would make an awesome animation clip. XD
Glad things didn't get too serious once discovered. lol
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Dang, that is scary. O_O
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O_O  He alright??? Holy crap!!
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I love the peanut/cashew discourse going on in the comments lmao
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Yess XD I mean, people should just shut up about that and just enjoy the damn comic!
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An allergy to peanuts and an allergy to cashews is different, Because they are in different families.

Peanuts are a LEGUME, not a nut. If he is allergic to peanuts it is possible to have additional allergies to foods that are also in the legume family, like to soy and soy products.…...

Tree nuts are an entirely separate allergen category. Tree nuts include almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts (filberts), macadamia nuts, pecans, pine nuts (pignolias), pistachio nuts and walnuts.
EterGrobie's avatar… ahhh nuts... so good, but so ambiguous. 
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One more reason you should not eat cashews.
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I disagree, I find them creepy, they are like fetus-kidneys. :D
Nothing is wrong with cashews. Just that some people can't eat them. Plus, they taste good with salt.
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Where did all of these allergies suddenly come from? Even in the 1970s and 1980s you didn't see this.
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On the one hand we recognize them more so less people die from them, on the other hand there may be differences in how they process the food that cause allergies. You see it with milk and gluten too.
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The only problem is the "recognize" part- back in the 1970s how many people were on the lookout for peanut or wheat allergies? Nobody. So logically we should have had many more deaths back then, but we never did. Ever. It would have been rare for anyone to die from a bee sting, even.

No, something has changed during that time, and since the 1970s were not exactly in George Washington's time whatever that something is acted pretty quickly. I would not want to be a kid in today's world.
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