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AtM: Untitled for now

MEH! I'll color it later...


Seriously: [link]
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I need that book. 
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But, you'll just read it later.
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This is totally the thing I would do. And I would totally need that book! ^^ Like I wanted to improve my drawing skills, I bought a bunch of learning books, but... didn't read them yet --'
hefeigal's avatar
I'll color it later...haha!
AnimeFlight's avatar
I need that book! :O What did you think I was doing right now? Homework? Pfshaaw I haven't done that all day... Wait, he's collecting it tomorrow? ALL OF IT..... I... I knew that... (this is going to be along night... but I'm going to continue to read comics....) :B I have time managment issues along with poor judgement when it comes to descisions.
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wait, I procrastinate! I should get that book ... Meh, I get it lat-..... (meh I'll finish that sentience later)
Fantasy-JG's avatar
LOL i love the coloring! X3
Korinohana's avatar
i think i need that book
Jazzmineanime's avatar
I need that book too.
PeachesXx's avatar
Haha! It's funny, cute and is the same style as your Death note ones :3
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That's me when mom picks something for me... I read five pages and then throw it in the wall coz it... Sucked or something O.O Wow my comments are getting boring
Star-Bell-22's avatar
I'm exactly like tat XD
Blackcardinal23's avatar
Me and my friend did the same exact thing :XD: Come to think of it, that book is still on my self...............I'll read it later :dummy:
DreamCreator77's avatar
u should name it procrastin---- meaning u didnt finish the title :3
mosher66's avatar
i love how the last panel isnt finished XD
zestiria's avatar
i like how the shading/coloring gets lazier and lazier. XD
iwuvgarfield's avatar
i think i should REALLY need to read that later as well....i always put homework and making my bed and crap like that till the last minute...
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Faved it like, a year ago. Finally got around to commenting. XD
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