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At the Moment - Will Title Later

GOING TO GET THINGS DONE TODAY! ... Just not the things I had planned!


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5 seconds later...
Emily is on the ceiling, cleaning the light
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and i'll clean everything after i'm food,
and i'll cook food after i'm done cleaning the fridge,
and i'll clean the fridge right after i take the dog to the vet,
and i'll take the dog to the vet after i've finnished fixing the engine in my car,
and i'll fix the engine of the car right after i-

*this goes on for many hours, by then it is night and time to go to sleep after going nothing all day*
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Cleaning always needs to be done -_- Why am I always the one to do it? lol
PatrickCarnahan's avatar
This happens to me a LOT!
annaHAC's avatar
Been there, done that.

I should be working on an essay, but I think I'll bake muffins first :XD:
miss-freaky-rose's avatar
Sounds like me...especially right now.  -_-u
HynMayProductions's avatar
When I get stressed, I clean everything first. XD

How have you been doing? :)
E460's avatar
Worst is... even our own body contributes to the accumulation of dust -.-
Why u turned against me, bodz??
Light-Dusk's avatar
I use cleaning as an excuse to put things off... a lot.
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I never feel more motivated to clean than when I have to study.
IgnorantAwareness's avatar
No, not 'everything'- ALL the things!! =P
dracoignis's avatar
I know right? Dx
Art-By-Rhoda's avatar
I'm very familiar with being a productive procrastinator :)
realspacewing's avatar
You can't technically procrastinate, you don't put of not doing something.
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My life in a nutshell. 
LittleFortuneCookie's avatar
That is my every weekend... ToT
OneMarkedMonster's avatar
Yep, sounds about right ^^
mimiru91's avatar
That's me to a fault! Wink/Razz 
AddyAdri's avatar
me... everytime ....
Yin-Angel's avatar
Oh my.... That was me last weekend xD ...........
And probably now to ;P
iiibrokeyhu's avatar
well, at least you get cleaning done v.v i procrastinate my life away
jackiskarismas's avatar
I'm the total opposite. I'm telling myself "Today I will make the dishes!" ... ends up knitting or drawing all day instead *facepalms*
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