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At the Moment - July 2011

By eychanchan
We had way too many cupcakes...


"Last Night on Earth" was a board game Clarence brought over which we promptly destroyed with unintentional sugar-induced role-playing caused by an overdose of cupcakes.

Information on Board Game: [link]

Character Images from the Game:
Johnny: [link]
Billy: [link]
Sally: [link]

NEEDS MORE :heart: & :star: & :iconrainbowplz: & :iconhurrplz:

Note: While I was drawing this (while still on sugar high), my friends (also on sugar high) were "drawing" over my shoulder and telling me what to draw or use as dialogue. So technically it's a collaboration!:XD:


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JNinelives's avatar
Haha XD
Sugar highs FTW :D
estelle-yokai's avatar
Indeed, the same happens when my sis and I play something, no matter what.
EmbodimentOfWrath's avatar
Haha, you are awesome for this!
1deathgod's avatar
You have to be careful with those cupcakes.  They're dangerous.:D
Angel-ofJustice's avatar
lol, the cupcake made me laugh hysterically...I think my co-workers looked at me like i was insane...whoops.:sweatdrop: Overhaul :sweatdrop: Overhaul 
FashioNoble's avatar
lol what's up with Billys buttcheeks :iconhurrplz:
Icyplaysandstuff's avatar
you made laugh so hard XD
gaarasbabe2000's avatar
I played this game for the first time ever a couple of weeks ago. I was a zombie :icondawwplz:
AmyNChan's avatar
lol, cupcakes will cause the true end.  The zombies were just a diversion.  XD
Pie-InThe-Sky's avatar
you hang out with the right kinds of people :)
NumberOneBlackStar's avatar
MusicNymph9's avatar

Ichiro: . . . . -proceeds to hide the pixie sticks-
XRayDeadGirl's avatar
I . . . I didn't know you could overdose on cupcakes! I've been using whole cakes all this time! I feel like such a fool.
Username-91's avatar
Now that was funny. :iconlaughingplz::iconlaughing2plz:
HandyFox345's avatar
If Sally wasn't infected by zombies... What did Billy mean? :\
Satamoto's avatar
$%^& yes. That is the best thing I have seen today. ^_^
aNNaMaL97's avatar
sounds like something my friends would do...
MalphLink's avatar
insanity activated yay!
The-Author-M's avatar
This is the best LNOE comic I've seen! Awesome!
Razors-And-Lace's avatar
haha billy's butt XD
Willdabeast-0305's avatar
This is worse* than what happens in the games I run!
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