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At the Moment - Fun Times

Ah yes, this is life.

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would go to that bank.
Precarious-Provolone's avatar
I want a lot of moneys
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here in mexico, if you get payed around 400 usd a month, then you can live a good life, just as long as your not gunned down of course.
Getting $400 gives you a bigger chance of getting kidnapped by the cartel right?
E-guardias's avatar
nope. you have money, therefor the police will protect you.
True, true. Mexico has so many fantastic things to learn.
bigbulbasaur's avatar
'Alot of moneys!!!'
yeah thats every paycheck....
GriswaldTerrastone's avatar
Maybe she should list "Bills" as dependents.

Bills get most of her money, after all.
Zinnestheyl's avatar
omg, I missed this.
Aaaaand, I know this feeling.
Areonn's avatar
i like the ones with you in them. it would be great if you could do more than those ^^
keep up the wonderful work!
GraphicHead's avatar
The same thing happens to me, but with hours instead of money.

What work, by the way? Comics?
iiibrokeyhu's avatar
my dad is like this every month
KageRyu798's avatar
"what do numbers mean" That was the best.

And yeah, I can understand this entirely.
BlackAeronaut's avatar
Oh man... All the freakin' time!
WhenNightmaresWalked's avatar
Hahaha, I love all the addresses
Lizzy-Sakura's avatar
I love that line "I CAN AFFORD EVERYTHING!" Yeah, no you can't. 
But in that moment it sure feels like it ;-;
Zinfer's avatar
lol! story of my life XD
Yoshi-Danny's avatar
I know these feels.
auroharu's avatar



I can't even.......................
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